Friday 18 January 2013

You Are the Teller of This Tale...

Change is not a terrible thing - but it can be difficult when you feel as if you have no idea what is up ahead or around the next corner. Many of us have lived our entire lives like this - hoping, wishing or even expecting something better - sometimes it comes and sometimes...well.

Yet, this is not any real way to live, is it? We all should have a good deal more certainty, security and assuredness about our futures. This is something I have been giving quite a bit of thought to lately - perhaps for many years 'the future' hasn't been very far from my mind.

Especially when we are led to believe it is all so uncertain, unpredictable and what is worse, perhaps unreliable. 

That is until we become co-creators (with our immediate partners and family) or the sole occupant in the drivers seat. Up until then, we could end up nearly anywhere - because, you know how it is when there is a backseat driver...

The inner direction must come from someplace inside of you and you alone. I see this scenario quite often in fact, where a good friend or some other person, provides advice on what your next move should be. 

However, there is not one person alive who doesn't have their own agenda. Their own set of fears, beliefs or framework in which they operate their own lives from. And it usually doesn't apply to you, your life, your future and what is more - your own unique destiny.

If you must speak with someone and it does help to talk things through - make sure they are impartial, a stranger, professional and non-judgemental. Perhaps someone who encourages you to look inside, find your passions, connect with your dreams and stand up to your fears. 

So, getting back to change - it happens. For the most part we need to welcome it, work with the twists and turns that arrive on our door step. But we should also be the largest part of the picture - the painter, author and narrator of our own stories.

We need to be the architect of our own lives, the ones driving the change and then making adjustments to the results as they are created. This alone can be our only security, because we can then live with the faith that comes from trusting ourselves fully.

The song you sing has to be your own otherwise it will forever be out of tune...


Sage - one of my favourite herbs....


  1. I've added your blog to the list of links on my own. So pleased to have crossed paths with you. I have great appreciation of what you have written. Thank you.

  2. Dear Gillian,

    I am delighted you have taken the time to leave a comment! And pleased to have crossed paths with you as well. Come back often and drop me a note here anytime you can. I write from my own experiences, these are the things I have and am learning too - it's quite a journey we are on!