Saturday 5 January 2013

Let's Talk About Fear....

So, I guess it's about time I mentioned this little feature (or 'fear'ture) of our current daily life. You cannot open the newspaper, turn on the tele (thankfully I don't have one) or even speak with someone without fear coming into the conversation, equation or guiding our thoughts in some way...

Try a little experiment and see if you can actually find some purely positive article, report, news brief, or even have a conversation... especially these days. From the state of the economy, the mess our health is in, to bullying in the schools - even the uplifting stories have a heaviness about them.

There is one main point I want to make here about fear and perhaps what to do about it. For the most part we are not even dealing with our own energy - our bodies have filled up with darkness, stress and low vibrations from absolutely everything around us.

Because of the way we eat, the water we drink, the poisons and toxins we breathe in, the chemicals we are exposed to from the first day of life - and each of the above situations we find our selves exposed to - we have become accustomed to a steady diet of negativity or fear based thinking.

Let me explain this from an intuitive perspective.... 

When you are fed 'food' made in a factory (by machines, tired and frustrated employees), all the goodness (read life force) is taken out of this food during the processing or manufacturing of each package, can, box and bag - you take in a substance devoid of positivity.

That's one thing. Then because this food is making us ill, our cells are not detoxing or functioning properly, we take concoctions made in a lab from synthetic chemicals (additives, toxins) to fix, heal or change the bodies response and we fill even further with darkness.

What is worse we are given antibiotics (against life!?), when our bodies attempt to shift this energy, which kill off any remaining colonies of beneficial bacteria so necessary for sustaining and maintaining ALL of life's positive forces. Yeast, mold, fungus and non-beneficial bacteria take over certain areas of our guts (skin and mucous membranes) ensuring further negative balance. 

And we continue to fill up with fear. 

All of this leads to bodies built cell by cell without love.  

This is a new year, perhaps it's time to do something about it.


A bee in Bantry...

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