Monday 7 January 2013

You know those days when you just don't feel like yourself?

We all seem to have those days - some of us more then others and they may occur more often at certain times, then others. You know those days - when you just don't feel like yourself? And for some reason, you can't quite understand, you feel like someone else or something else or anything but you.

Some people refer to it as getting up on the wrong side of the bed and for me, it often appears to start that way - of course I fully understand from an energy perspective what is taking place. Yet, it doesn't always make life any easier!

I can remember mornings where I wake from a dream and the people I am dreaming about are like, just with me all that day - until I am able to close enough energy leaks, do some exercise and other wise go through each of my techniques to shift the energy.

Others may call it in 'bad form' - I see this term used a lot around small children especially. I really feel for them - they may not know what is taking place (although many do) and find it hard to release the energy and then find themselves in a negative cycle because of it.

Carrying anything for others (it doesn't have a negative or positive face) is always dark, negative and a chore simply because it doesn't belong to us, with us or in us. So, we feel out of sorts, off kilter, ungrounded, slightly sick and otherwise not ourselves. 

It's as if a piece of someone else's puzzle has been stuck into our work of art - it won't ever fit or feel right and it makes us feel the same way. As if you are lugging around someone else and then acting them out. 

You can't seem to shake this at all - but it does come and go, these feelings I mean. That is because your energy field goes through changes, cycles and shifts bringing things closer to the surface or burying it deeper.

The energy you are carrying around however, is in there for all time, until you take specific steps to detox it out.

Now you know why I go into a rant whenever I see something in the paper or in the media along the lines of - advising people to not detox or instructing them to do it all wrong. The absolute only way to clear out energy (and all else) once and for all is to detox it out. 

This is a mind, body and soul process.

Anything in your energy field that doesn't belong to you - acts like a toxin. Energy really is this simple....


A little Rebel....

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