Wednesday 23 January 2013

Moving To Higher Ground

One of the fundamental facts of life is we must change - of course there are those who fight this force of nature and suffer the consequences. However, staying in one place is mighty difficult when every cell in our beings yearn for movement. 

This is a year for great potential - the outward changes have been taking place little by little each and every day. Right now, the main thrust of these energy shifts should be arriving in the form of pieces of life (dreams, hopes and wishes) coming back together in some way.

And we will all experience this differently - depending on where we are on our journeys as well as how much ground work we have done to get where we are. But, in order for all of this to take place a little shifting has to happen....

We have to move to higher ground. When we want to meet up with our dreams and integrate them into our reality or perhaps it's the other way around, we have to rise up to meet them. I always think of balloons, these dreams we are putting together exist in a higher plane of existence. 

It's up to us then, to find the ways and means to move, raise ourselves up out of where we are and connect with them in that new dimension. Once there, our body, mind and spirit aligns, how we feel about ourselves changes and old issues of safety and security begin to drop away.

The words from a song 'I can see for miles and miles' have been going through my head for these past couple of days and it has got me thinking more deeply about this process. Moving onwards and upwards within ourselves requires change, yes, but also a shift in perspective.

If you think about it - when we are standing on a hill or some other elevation, we can see far more then we can at the lower levels. The view from higher ground is completely different....


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