Friday 11 January 2013

Exercise as Energy Medicine

For anyone who knows me, it's no secret how much I love exercise - my one complaint would be I never make the time to do more. I have always been active, even when my diet and my life were not great and certainly during the times I have been unwell.

Intuitively my body constantly relays to me how vital it is that I move each day - in fact my body has long been informing me of the need to be physically active at least twice if not three times a day. In keeping with the natural rhythms of the our bodies...

When we exercise we move muscles, tissues and organs - most of us know all the health benefits of activity as well as some of the mental or mind connections. Our bodies gradually grow stronger along with internal systems and functions.

But there is another side to exercise, one not talked about that much. I tend to look at and seek out the energetic relationship between movement and our physical awareness. When we move frequently enough and with purpose we can do far more for ourselves then perhaps we realize.

From an energy perspective, yes we gain an increase in stamina and perhaps vitality from consistent bouts of activity. However, what else might we change and what could our energy systems make from physical movement?

Perhaps it's so simple.... what if this movement created the framework around energetic boundaries, encouraged energy flow and helped keep energy centres open within the body? Of course it does. You cannot have a healthy energy field without a consistent exercise practice.

One exercise activity I particularly like is Yoga. And I enjoy it for several reasons - perhaps the most significant being that it works on practical levels which keep this energetic balance in mind. I find when I am doing short sessions of Yoga a couple times per day I slip easily into the natural flow of my own body and this connects with natural elements around me.

Another benefit of this type of exercise is the depth it can take you inwards in the muscles and tissues of the physical body. Anything that takes us further in, will encourage energy flow and thus a return to health - loosening up and removing what doesn't belong. 

Exercise - the ultimate Energy Medicine!


The Way to Exercise - Body, Mind & Soul

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