Sunday 20 January 2013

Courses, Classes & Talks

Weight Loss Talk

A brief discussion on The Pagan Diet - Food, Fast & Feast and how it all works this week Tuesday evening (22 Jan) at 7:30 in Leap, West Cork. This is a little more then just weight loss - it is an entire system designed to take you throughout the whole year following the ancient Celtic calendar. 

This not only melts the weight off - most importantly you will heal the inflammation, detox and balance body systems at the same time. Each of these cause the excess weight in the first place....come out to see how to get started on a better path to health. €10 for talk and detox tea tasting.

Rebel Food - Cookery Days 

Come out for an afternoon or during the day to have some fun in the kitchen with April while we prepare foods from scratch, take things back to basics, discuss how to eat healthy on a budget, making very tasty food and much more. 

Thursday 24 January 1pm to 5pm


Sunday 27 January 11am to 3pm

cost €40

Protecting Your Energy in the Healing Professions 

This is a full day course on Energy Medicine which includes in-depth discussion on the energy field (what it is, how it works, how damage occurs, how to heal it) as well as exploring April's 25 ways to protect your energy field. 

Sunday 3 February 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
€105 for the day includes meal, snacks, notes

To book your place please text, ring or email April 

087 2361616
028 34527

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