Saturday 12 May 2012

10 Day Master Cleanse

Today is day 1 of a Master Cleanse. I decided to blog it this time to let anyone who might be interested know how easy and great this process/method of detoxing can be. I am drinking my 'juice' which is fresh organic lemon juice, water, herbal tea, pinch of pepper and maple syrup.

I use herbs in the water to help make the detox part of this work more efficiently. The last time I did this cleanse was before Christmas and I did it for 40 days. Massive time of awakening for me - think about it, nothing to do but carry on with your day, not digesting solid food, so all that energy is free to heal, shift, change and open up.

Today is only day 1, so this is the easy part usually. I do not drink caffeine or eat sugar etc so have no addictions to come off of. And my diet is usually organic, so that is good. I would not expect too much of an adjustment in the first few days which can be the hardest part as your digestion winds down.

So, why do a Master Cleanse now? Well, I have been doing some free weights lately and my shoulder  just froze....this is the 4th or 5th time in my life for this to happen with the same shoulder. And this used to happen long before I used free weights. It used to take me months to get this shoulder better in the past, and even though I have fasted over the years, I never did think of using a Master Cleanse to see if that would sort it out sooner.

So, here goes. I am coming down with a cold too (everyone else is just getting better), so this might be a  fun 10 days! And, I suspect it might do the trick. Right now I am in so much pain with my shoulder, from my neck down to my hand at times, that I would try anything. I remember this well from when my shoulder froze before. 

In my energy world I would say that there is 'energy' there in the shoulder that needs to be released, maybe this time with gentle exercise, herbs, massage, MC, and Closing Energy Leaks(c) - I will finally get to the bottom of it and sort it out once and for all.

So, a Master Cleanse - what is it? Well, basically for the next 10 days I will take no solid foods. Do light exercise, drink my liquid 'juice' and let my body do its work. I have done many over the years and always find that they move me to new and higher ground. Many people do these for quick weight loss as you can lose up to a stone over the 10 days, while I know of a lot of healing that also happens. Especially good for getting the digestion cleaned out, rested and in better form. 

I have long said that with a Master Cleanse 10 days is physical healing, 20 days is emotional healing and 40 days is spiritual healing. I have done each of these at different times since 2001 and perhaps it is time to do them all again!

I hope to keep you posted on my progress over these coming few days.

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  1. hello April. I am just after reading your blog of a 10day MC. I can relate to so many good experience while doing my first time fasting. this is the second time and an experience is a bit different. just finished 10th day. its a morning of an 11th day. I feel like I would like to go on with a fast for another few days(hmm should I?) on a physical level I could see it clearly day after day my body opening it's joints more and more. I've never been so flexible in my life with not even doing that much of a stretch. I am guessing because I haven't check that yet that I've lost about 5kg, which wasn't my goal at all,it's just the dally cycling, swimming or even running(which considering my injured knee was quite experience)took it's toll. an energy level is really high and I can say that on a physical level it's been great. what's different this time is my mental state. any situation can bring a challenge; living in a house with other people, visits in a crowded places in town, lack of work, money, decision making etc. Everything seems to show my character issues.all sorts of emotions showed up,it can be very sensitive time,which personally i feel like detox through emotions.It could start with an early morning excitement about new adventure of a day, and end up with exhaustion,even anxiety in my case.One thing I've noticed that is most important is a good plan of a day,maybe even routine, otherwise the energy can go in any direction. Anything can attract my attention in this time. As an active person I don't spend much time at home which increases a risk of unpredictable situations. On the same time focus is there if you need it, just direct it:reading, studding,etc.Environment plays a big role for me, peace comes with a peace i guess and I love my own company on this time. hope to write more soon.Marcin