Tuesday 15 May 2012

Master Cleanse Day 4

So, here we are at Day 4 - and yesterday was not a bad day overall. To report in on how I am feeling firstly- Feeling Much better! My shoulder is steadily improving (fastest time ever) after only 5 days I am able to lift my arm up over my head and I am actually sleeping at night.

If any of you have ever had frozen shoulder, you probably know what I am talking about - the last time I had this, close to about 5 years ago, I was a few months before I was able to raise my arm over my head fully. And I never slept for weeks, it is that painful to lie down, mostly because pressure is then placed on the back of the body, I suppose.

I was also able to move my arm up and behind my back up to my shoulder - another move that is impossible with a frozen shoulder. Now, I still have a bit of pain, it is still uncomfortable and sore. There are actual tender spots across my neck and shoulder where the inflammation is. However, they do appear to be receding into one main area. All good!

Yesterday I was trying to note what I was feeling so that I could tell you about it - one of the main things that was coming up for me (and I was happy that it was because it can be rare enough) is that I was again 'remembering' or having very early memories surface from infancy and early childhood. It feels as if these things are coming up and out from the bones or somewhere equally deeply buried. I was aware of the deep level of detoxing that was taking place and just observing the thoughts that were moving through my mind.

One of the things that I was 'remembering' was how my gut felt after having been fed as a small infant. I was given Carnation evaporated milk in tins from the first week of life because it was cheaper than formula and I would imagine it shut me up and made me sleep for a few hours. Now, if any of you know anything about cows milk - it is completely indigestible by infants as well as an inadequate diet from a nutrition perspective. And I do think that now there is a warning on these cans to not use as infant formula!

Its a wonder I have not had more issues with my gut and health than I have in my life. I was aware yesterday of these deeply embedded toxins from that milk loosening up and moving out. And memories associated with that time were also coming up - so I spent the day reminiscing and thinking back to my childhood in Newfoundland. Seems like lifetimes ago now.

Other than all of this - my cold is much better, the sun is shining (sort of) and I feel a fairly good level of energy overall. I had very interesting dreams last night - I usually dream a lot since I changed my diet, and over the years have kept dozens of dream journals, so that it nothing new, however in one dream I was told that one more day and some issue that I had been working on would be sorted! Now to uncover which issue that is.... LOL

When I did the 40 day Master Cleanse I had dreams in which I would be informed that on day 25 or something like that - a particular 'thing' would come to the surface and for me to pay attention. It felt as if this same thing was happening again. And I am pleased - because this shows me without a doubt how inline I am with my body as well as how much the body appreciates the care it receives from healthy living and detoxing.

As it is Day 4, I did another salt water flush first thing this morning as well and I must tell you - it was easy! Again, I now know that this (perhaps ALL things about healthy living) are simply a mindset. If and when you decide to take charge of your own health, healing and well-being, then it becomes an absolute pleasure. And your body thanks you with continued health and vitality.

Well, off to do some work! Hope that you are all enjoying my blog. Maybe tomorrow I will write more about my experiences with Intermittent Fasting, which I credit for changing my life and moving me to better and higher ground.

Have a lovely day,


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