Saturday 19 May 2012

Day 8 is Here!

Well, it was nice waking up this morning knowing that in only 72 hours or so, I will have completed another 10 day Master Cleanse. It always feels like such an accomplishment each time I do this - as I learn, discover and feel further ahead within myself. 

Needless to say this has been a most productive MC as per usual with my shoulder back to normal as well as all the other positives of completing a detox. I was thinking about this yesterday - when I realized that my skin was so smooth and soft, when I was doing Yoga, I realized that I just had that much more flexibility for the asanas, my eyes are clear and I have a cleaned out feeling in my gut that only a MC cleanse can bring.

I still have clear symptoms of detox as well - my tongue is coated, during the day I will have random aches, that come and go, yesterday my back hurt for a little while then it was ok. My sense of smell is through the roof - this always happens! I wonder what a cat or dog must feel like, I can smell things for a mile. 

Of course, my sense of energy and movement in other dimensions is keener too and I can 'see' beings, ghosts, spirits and far into other worlds. This sense is always good as I am an Intuitive, yet when doing a cleanse its as if my senses are 'on' all the time. Heightened sense of perception, I guess.

So, now we are planning for Day 11 - the days following a MC are pretty important as well. On the first day off of this detox we drink juices and smoothies made only of fruit or vegetables. Then on Day 12, I will make a brothy soup from vegetables and mung beans and more juice. It won't be until Day 13 that we will actually have a 'meal' with anything other than vegetables etc. 

We usually eat pretty healthy so this is not a big change for us. As I mentioned yesterday - we are not hungry really, there are just cravings for certain foods and it is always surprising what comes up. I can't wait to have a piece of home made bread with guacamole! And a baked sweet potato sounds divine right now. Really simple foods.

My energy levels are a little lower today and I can feel myself going into another big detox cycle, perhaps one last big push to remove more toxins before this is finished. However, I was up late last night and that might have something to do with it too. 

Well, I hope that you are enjoying this blog and learning about cleansing and detoxing - as much as I am. It never ceases to amaze me, I learn something new each time I do this.

Have a lovely day,


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