Wednesday 23 May 2012

Day 12 - Healthy Mind

This morning I feel good, I do not feel as empty as I did two days ago because there is food in my system now, so it is a different sense of clean. The important thing to remember at this stage of coming off of a Master Cleanse is to put clean fuel into your body - just as you would your car.

There is a lot going through my mind as well or maybe I could say that differently, there is a lot going on with my mind, as I can clearly see how fractured it was in places and the ways that it has come back together especially during these past few days.

Remember how I have mentioned, probably a few times now, that MC is 90% in your mind,  it's all about your mind and once you have your mind on-board then you can do anything? Well, my mind is the part that I realize now has been the entire focus on these 10 days for me.

The main piece of resistance to anything good, healthy, real and true can exist in the mind as much as anywhere else and of course your mind is made up of cells, tissue and blood just like any other part of us. So, it is being placed back together each time we complete a detox, cleanse, do exercise, fasting, healing and so forth. 

Perhaps the mind part of us is so large and so damaged by 'life' (or the Big Lie as I refer to it - we'll do another post on that one!) that this requires enormous effort and care on our part to bring it back into alignment with body and spirit. Of course it does. 

That connection or bridge needs to be rebuilt. And this is most efficient, fastest, cleanest, easiest, simplest, safest method that I have ever come across to do just that. Healing of the mind, body and soul - we can't get better than that!

The rest of the story? The weight loss, physical healing, renewed vitality, a cleansed and detoxed body - these are just side benefits, bonuses to healing on a mental level. 

I can safely say from where I sit today that these past 12 days have been an exercise in a restoration of confidence in myself, my skills, my abilities and who I am. And perhaps more that will unfold as the days go by. I also feel a great sense of accomplishment as I mentioned yesterday, with a different outlook on things. 

All of this is mind 'stuff' and it feels good to be back. 

Stats;  shoulder is better, cold is better, weight is still down about 10 lbs, I ate mashed veggies this morning and a small bowl of porridge with banana and cinnamon after doing juices/liquids all day yesterday. I also enjoyed a cup of dandelion coffee yesterday that was divine! 

One more thing, I realize fully (sense it as well as see it) that any time I over eat or eat poorly, it has been mainly due to lack of self confidence and 'mind' stuff for me. Perhaps this all comes back to the bullying that I experienced in my life and that was my way of coping with it, but I also found myself blaming or getting angry with myself for 'letting' it happen and then I would eat or crave foods that I did not need....hmmm. Lots to think about here as the deeper connections are being made.

Well, off to start my day, have a good one everyone,


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