Monday 21 May 2012

Transition Day 11

This morning I was up early to have my glass of juice and savor the sweet feeling of another successful 10 Day Master Cleanse. Today will be a day of liquids that are richer and nutritious to bring the digestive system out of detox mode and back to work after the break. 

I am feeling very well health wise and perhaps even better mentally than I have in a while. Maybe the very last time I felt such a sense of accomplishment was when I completed the 40 Day MC, however I was tempted to say when I gave birth to my daughter at home in a free birth! I don't know why (right now anyway) I feel so strongly that this time I achieved something particularly wonderful, but it does certainly feel that way.

So, I am done, at least the cleanse part and I will drink juices today and start some veggies/stew tomorrow with some soft foods. Easy going enough on a very clean gut. My intuition has been telling me that much of what was removed from my system during this past few days was plastic, it was certainly very dark and very toxic and I am glad to be rid of it.

Whenever I do these detoxes (Master Cleanse and others) it tends to be like a walk through an unlit path, alone, into a  dark forest with only your senses to guide you. So when you come out the other side into the light again it is as if you have arrived into a part of heaven.

Its amazing what a sense of power within yourself can do and its equally disturbing how easily we are left defeated, run down, pushed and pulled out of ourselves by life. Doing things like this to lift up above that darkness is truly worth every minute!

Have a lovely day,


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