Thursday 24 May 2012

Last Day - Back to normal?

Or whatever normal is. Perhaps this is the new normal, I feel different each time that I do a detox and I have done many over the years. However, this time is different from all those other times and I am struggling with explaining, even to myself.

I guess the operative word here is STRUGGLE. For so many of us, life has been all about resistance, hardship, difficulty and yes, incredible struggle. It is not any different for me. I have often wondered, why, do we keep trying to move forward when we are constantly pushed back? Yet this desire to move, to shift to find higher and better ground comes from somewhere so deeply buried inside of us that it is like a guiding light.

So, back to the struggle- the one huge difference that I am noticing after finishing the MC this time around is that I am struggling less. With eating, food, worry, fear, health, work and just plain effort that it takes to live life in general. There is less of a struggle involved and I know that must only come from my mind - I feel that I have re-gained more control over it and that has taken out some of the fight that I had on my hands just living my life.

I hope that this makes some sense to you  all -?? It is not an easy thing to describe, because not only am I thinking it, I am feeling and experiencing it in my body. There is less of a struggle inside of my body and therefore I am using less energy fighting with myself and have more energy for other things! 

Today is Day 13, the day that we are back to eating as we normally do and the last day of the Master Cleanse - food tastes great, I just had my breakfast of a boiled duck egg with toasted herbed spelt bread and dandelion coffee. Great stuff! And for those of you wondering, my gut is back to normal (better than normal!), no pain, no wind, no difficulty, normal function restored within 24 hours. 

And my body is more flexible, I physically feel good, my energy is great, and I feel like I am figuring things out. I have been talking with lots of people about these detoxes and cleanses and have been asked many good questions - the best way to describe the work your body is doing as you complete each MC or fast is that it is like a journey through middle earth in Lord of the Rings. Not complex, not impossible, but challenging, demanding and worthwhile. 

See you tomorrow!


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