Friday 25 May 2012

Keep Focused on Your Goals

This past couple of weeks have been a series of endings for me, I have finally finished some large projects that I was working on and it feels kind of strange! Almost as if those projects (or the fact that they were not complete) had been holding something (me!) in one place and now that they are done, I am either left hanging or in free fall.

I like to think that now I am free to move on to start other projects, but also it's now important to evaluate exactly what was learned from the work that has been done already. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am going over these past few days, weeks, months and years in my mind and re-visiting all the ways that I have changed and grown. 

I am certainly in a very differently place now than when I started fasting, detoxing and cleansing regularly. And exactly how have things changed for me? Well, perhaps the easiest way to describe some of these changes is that I have accessed old energy within myself and pulled up to the surface deeper patterns to be worked on and altered.

And it's all good! This is not a negative or troublesome thing at all. What I feel like right now is more together, more present and better grounded than I have ever felt. I also feel healthier and stronger physically while my mind is sharper and clearer with more focus and determination. Not bad of a year intensive of detox, cleansing and fasting.

I am now a few days post Master Cleanse and looking forward to jumping back into my Intermittent Fasting schedule with my workouts. I have been exercising and building back up to my free weights after my shoulder healed and I feel stronger than before. I actually have a greater range of motion in my shoulder (it has been restricted for years due to other frozen shoulder inflammations) now and can do more and move better. 

I am very pleased with the results of the last MC and would highly recommend this method to anyone for any reason, even if there isn't a reason, it can never hurt to cleanse and shed a layer of toxins. 

So, new goals, new projects and a new focus - watch this space!

Have a wonderful (sunny!) day,


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