Monday 21 May 2012

Day 10 - We Did It!

Here we are, at Day 10 - just 24 hours to go until tomorrow morning when we begin to transition our diets back to normal. I just did my last salt water flush, I drank my last senna tea yesterday evening so my system feels squeaky clean and renewed.

I am looking forward to some food again - but..... I would say in comparison to any other cleanses or fasts that I have done, this was by far the easiest. It might be that I am just getting used to it but I don't think so. As I know many other people who find it extremely difficult to complete subsequent cleanses after the first one, it is quite a challenge to do these again and again several times a year. No, I think that this is different. I am different, my level of discipline has improved along with my ability to focus and concentrate on achieving a goal.

And that I would put down to doing these cleanses and following an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. So, it comes full circle here; the more I do this (2-4 times a year) the easier it has become because I am less toxic, more disciplined, more grounded and certain about what I am trying to achieve. 

The one key word that I have mentioned here so far is discipline. For most of my life that was a nasty negative word which meant fear, harm, worry, stress and pain. Of course it was always associated with keeping us in line as children and not anything near what it is meant to be about - which is following a set of guidelines to strengthen/improve/heal your body, mind and spirit. 

Oh, how far we have come from the truth into dark and murky waters that do not teach children anything about life, health, living, coping and achievement in the world we have created for ourselves. There are gentler ways to raise children, there are gentler ways to heal and support ourselves - finding them and applying them is key to a healthy body, a strong mind and a powerful spirit.

In the past I would have done nearly anything to lose excess weight, I would have given anything to feel and be well when I had cancer, I would have taken anything years ago to make me 'better'. When all along it is ends up being something so very simple, mundane and as ordinary as clean water and herbs that grow in the fields and I am well and truly in glowing health and at a healthy weight that has been easy to maintain.

My stats for this week - I started at 10 stone 2 lbs, I am now 9 stone 6 lbs - total loss of 10 pounds so far. I expect a couple more pounds will come off during this next few days as well then it will even out as some water weight is gained back. I did not do this to lose weight, however, as toxins are stored in the fat this is part of the overall process to loosen up the debris. 

Yesterday I had a slight headache and knew that I was in the last big detox cycle before this MC was finished, I was tired last night, and there were times I did not feel grounded and needed to go outside and walk around. However it was a busy day for me with lots going on so that might have had something to do with it. My shoulder is better, my cold is better, and I am certain that I have learned a few more things about myself. 

I will keep writing this blog - if you would like to know how I am doing, keep checking back here to read about my adventures in nutrition, fasting, cleanses and abundant health. See you tomorrow for transition!

Have a wonderful day,


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