Wednesday 30 May 2012

Making A Difference

Today is mid-week in the last week of May - another month is just around the corner and time seems to be slipping away. I remember something Oprah said one time - back in the days (many years ago) when I had a television. 

She talked about how much of her life was spent being unhappy with herself - for her it was her weight and ultimately how she looked and felt in her body. Once she had lost the weight, she lamented about how much time she had wasted, quite a few years being unhappy, miserable really about her size.

As an intuitive I always want to know the underlying cause. What is really going on here with the weight issue. And what exactly is weight? I have always referred to it as toxins, carrying something that doesn't belong to you but also expending energy for someone else or on someone else's behalf. Usually in some way that you will not benefit.

So here we have it - time spent, wasted really, feeling badly, unhealthy, heavy and working for someone or something other than ourselves. It's no wonder that we are unhappy and unhealthy. This seems to be the heart of the matter doesn't it? 

Some energy has been taken onboard that we have internalized so deeply that we are willing to use our own energy to work for it, and therefore feed it and keep it going at our own expense. Life doesn't have to be like this - and it is up to us to create change, of course that starts within.

For me,  I like to keep things simple. Energy is simple, how I work inside should also be simple. My goal then is to get my body working entirely for itself and functioning in top form. How I am doing that is through fasting, Master Cleanses, healthy eating and generally keeping fit.

Today is another fasting day. I am not eating food, I will be exercising and drinking water and herbal tea. Today will be a very productive day for myself - not thinking about or eating food frees up so much energy that I accomplish a lot. There is not one other thing that has ever made such a difference in my life as how I feel about my body, my self and my overall health. 

Except perhaps when the day finally comes when I am working entirely for myself and not using my energy to benefit someone else. Making a difference in my life can only start with me, in me and then it will spill over to the outside of me creating a new reality. 

Have a sunny and warm day!


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