Thursday 31 May 2012

Down the Road in Darkness

Today it is raining again and it is quite dull outside. Not a great day for getting out into the garden. The energy around feels heavy, old and dark. I have been thinking it over for the few hours this morning since I have been up.

Perhaps it is something that has come back with me from my dreams - it felt as if I was somewhere very far away last night and my dreams have changed since I finished my last Master Cleanse. They seem to be less about other people and more about me - at least I feature in them far more than I did before. 

Well, these part few nights have been very deep indeed and it is funny how I only realized it this morning when I got up early to spend some time with myself. Because the house was quiet and still I could actually have a chance to sense the energy and feel what was going on around me.

Things have definitely moved into spaces in-between and I have not been fully there in a very long time. My memories that are also coming up to the surface are from early childhood and my daughter is talking non-stop about her other lives when I was her mother but looked different from who I am today. The lifetime she is remembering is one that was such a long time ago, I thought that it might never surface.

The day she was born I was told it had been thousands of years since she had been here on this earth - but the time was right for her to return to me. And now we are remembering. Re-member-ing for me means something quite different than just a brain wave joined by neurons and cells, it is a coming together of the pieces of our lives as if they had been separated by some force that is now removed. 

These spaces in-between can be quite dark, not always in a scary way, but in an unlit path that you know in your heart how to walk, but can make you uncomfortable all the same. Sort of like walking outside in the dark feeling your way through trails you know like the back of your hand.

We know the way forward, the more we journey inward, the further we can move outward into the world we are creating around us. This is not a game, it is not a chore. It can be a path if you let it come and guide you towards yourself. 

Well, onwards and upwards!


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