Thursday 17 May 2012

And On the 6th Day....

Another day and another layer of toxins have left the building! I must say that by early morning yesterday I was feeling better than I have in months and I usually feel pretty good. My energy levels are great and I even did a few mini workouts yesterday - lifting weights again with my shoulder without a problem.

So, how am I feeling today - well when I turn my head to one side I can feel it catch and a tightness. However there is not much pain, just a small ache in the one area. It has completely settled down. My cold is better, but I have a cold sore now! Which is typical for me, I usually get one with a flu. Oh well.

Yesterday was a surprising day for me in that a lot of deeply buried emotions were coming up to the surface as well as all the physical stuff. And it was all about being bullied as a child and in my life day to day. I think that most of us are bullied in some way - however we have come to refer to it as 'normal human interaction' and dismiss these low feelings we experience as a result of the contact with these people. 

It felt like I was watching myself in slow motion - I was being pushed by someone to do something I did not want to do. Then gave in to it and for the rest of the afternoon felt disappointed and low in myself. And when thinking over why I was doing it - kept coming up with guilt, obligation and then a blank! So, not my stuff clearly an energy transfer that I needed to sort out.

If you were ever bullied, especially as a child you know exactly what I am talking about. This is like a download of negativity that has been inserted into our souls and needs to find a way out. And there is a part of me that sees bullying as evil as well. Something about this demented behaviour is sinister and it makes the hair stand up on my neck just thinking about it. 

I was not expecting this to come up during this Master Cleanse because I was so focused on the physical healing that needed to take place and not fully connecting it to the bullied emotional/energetic/spiritual layer of myself even when I know full well that is how this works and that anything might come to the surface. LOL

However I am pleased that more of this old pattern is moving and perhaps will entirely shift for me once and for all. Who knows, maybe even more of these patterns will surface as the physical block is sorted out and then I will really be moving forward.

On the weight loss side, I am down about 5 or 6 pounds, which is what I would expect right now and I am feeling light and strong. Very grounded within myself which the herbs have a lot to do with, I am certain. 

Well, off to get going with my day - I am looking forward now to see what this one brings! Have a good one everybody.


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