Friday 18 May 2012

Now on Day 7

The days seem to be going by fairly quickly, I am busy at home, so this Master Cleanse is not too bad at all. Each day now gets easier as I am not feeling overly hungry or anything and clearer (more grounded) each day.

So, what to talk about for Day 7 -hmmm. One of the things that my family does each time we do a Cleanse (yes, we do it together) is that as we get closer to the finish line we start a list of foods that we would love to eat when we are done. 

These lists have evolved over the past while to become quite interesting from a nutrition perspective. I wish I had kept them all now because it would nearly make up a lesson in the miracle of detoxing. In the beginning when we were doing this for a few days at a time, the cravings for food might be for treats when we finished the MC. Not that we eat sugar or anything, but more along the lines of snacks and stuff.

This time, is quite different. We are all craving veggies (this is normal), beans, garlic, herbed bread etc. More savory foods but also just looking forward to some simply prepared mung bean stew with lots of root vegetables and perhaps some garlic toast. Gentle, soothing and comfort foods perhaps? 

How I feel today --  My energy levels are quite good again today, the cold/flu is pretty well gone and my shoulder, other than feeling tight is back to normal. I have been doing a variety of exercises using my shoulder to keep it loose and moving and have had no problems with it whatsoever. I am doing about 20 minutes of Yoga, mini free weight session of about 5 minutes each, low weight kettle bells, walking and cycling again for short bursts of about 5-7 minutes each. My shoulder feels fine and .....

I. AM. ASTONISHED. --- I have had this condition (frozen shoulder) several times and in the past (many years ago in my teens and twenties) would have taken anti-inflammatories but refused the steroid injections. Can you believe that we would fill our bodies up with chemicals and drugs when this is what it takes to actually heal it, completely?? What would happen if everyone who had a frozen shoulder did a detox for a few days and calmed down the inflammation enough for the shoulder to heal? I actually know people who have had surgery for this condition - as it can last for months and it is very painful.

Today, I have no pain. My shoulder is better and I have full movement in the joint. It has been 7 days of a Master Cleanse. Imagine what a person can do - imagine all that healing force within your body just waiting for the opportunity to be released unimpeded!! This is what I have been talking about with doing a MC. For me, it has come full circle here - I have proven to myself over and over again that I can do exactly this as my body heals itself gently, easily and quickly using only water and herbs.

Well, off to enjoy my day, have a good one yourself,


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