Monday 14 May 2012

Master Cleanse Day 3

Good Morning!

Another sunny day here in West Cork, so far anyway. Hope to get out into the garden today again. I am just waiting right now for the kettle to boil to make my tea and Master Cleanse juice for the day. So, we made into another day, it is now day 3 of the cleanse, this is usually the day where the worst is behind you in terms of adjustment and it is just counting off the days from now on. 

Of course, there is a bit of a detox cycle - and I hope that I can explain my experiences adequately during these next few days. The detox cycle has to do with the kinds, amounts and level of toxins moving within the system as a result of the cleanse. We are literally forcing toxins out to the surface and then eliminating them from our systems via the bowel, urine, skin and breath. Many people find that this happens in waves - one day a rash or bumpy skin, then another day slight nausea, you could experience a slight headache, aches or pain and any number of different emotions such as anger, sadness, elation etc.

I was noticing a couple of things yesterday - that as the day moved on my shoulder was gaining more movement and felt freer. The pain and discomfort is still there but once again it is much reduced from yesterday morning and I have less restriction in my neck. I felt happy to be doing this and more in control of my life and it was a productive day overall with getting a lot done. You would be amazed how much time, energy and effort is involved in thinking about food, preparing food, eating food and cleaning up! When you are not doing these things (I am still cooking for my children) then there is energy for many other things.

I still have a cold, and my ears keep popping, but not as many aches and pains. I went to bed early last night thinking that I would not sleep very well, but I did manage to get some sleep even with a stuffy nose! Last night I took Senna tea which is the other part of the elimination process, again we only drink the tea every other day. Apparently the senna tea loosens up and moves debris from the upper bowels down to be eliminated because it causes slight cramping. Combined with the salt water flush on alternating days, you can actually keep these toxins moving out very well.

I was asked a great question yesterday about the Master Cleanse - how do you handle the hunger? So I thought that I would post my answer on today's blog entry. Hunger has come to mean something very different to me (us) over this past while doing regular fasts, cleanses and detoxes. 

I feel that there are 2 stages of hunger, the largest one being mental or in the mind. In sports psychology it has long been said that 90% of winning is mental while only 10% involves skill. Here with the desire to create change within your body, the same rules apply. This is entirely a mental process - when you overcome the negatives, fear and worst of all - the social conditioning that exists around food, you can do anything you want with regards to health, healing and diet. 

I feel that there is hunger and there is an empty stomach - both of these are different from each other. In our society we do not know hunger, we are well (over) nourished and going without solid food for a few days will only enhance and improve our health not take away from it. Hunger is the mental or mind part of this that you will have to overcome - you know how your stomach grumbles at 5 o'clock simply because it is 'time' to eat? We are acting like Pavlov's dogs, eat around the clock, little will power to refuse 
rubbish foods and just because someone dangles something in front of our noses we must have it. NOW.

An empty stomach is what you experience when your digestive system is emptied out and allowed to heal, revive and restore itself as a result of the Master Cleanse. An empty stomach is a physical thing and not a mental process, and actually quite easy to deal with compared to the mind! Hunger from an empty stomach comes in waves which subside by about day 3 for the most part. I am aware that my stomach is empty however it feels natural because I 'know' I am doing a detox. Every time you feel a wave of hunger you can drink your 'juice' and it goes away or sip on some water or herbal tea.

For people who believe that they cannot cope with the hunger - this is not a physical issue, this is a mental decision. Once you start doing a Master Cleanse, your body shifts into detox mode and not only works very efficiently to get toxins out quickly, but enjoys the process as well. How do I know this? Because I listen to my body (part of my job as a Medical Intuitive LOL) and I just feel better overall so I know that my body is in line with the process.

I have found that the single biggest result of my detoxes, cleanses and healthy lifestyle over these past few years has been regaining control over my own mind. I did not like the feeling of a lack of will power, fears and doubts about my health and weight nor did I wish to be controlled by marketing (I have a degree in food marketing) and have others tell me what to eat and when. 

In essence I wanted to eat healthy food, make healthy choices, live a superior lifestyle and enjoy it! To achieve this takes involving the mind on the highest level which is one of the most positive outcomes of a Master Cleanse.

Onwards and Upwards or as they say in Narnia - further up and further in!!


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