Saturday 26 May 2012

Such is Life

It is now more than 2 weeks ago since I started and then 10 days later finished my Master Cleanse and of course, each day I am taking stock of how I feel, what has changed and the things that I am doing differently. The one thing that stands out the most for me at this moment is the fact that I am still so very careful of how much I am eating.

I do not want to feel that 'overfull' feeling in my stomach again, it is unpleasant for me and always has been. Small light meals, most of the time suit me better, I feel better, I function more efficiently and my digestion is smoother. My gut is working better (yet again) this time around and I really can feel the difference between before and after this cleanse.

I could feel the same things for each of these detoxes as time has gone by, but this time, as I said before, is just different. So, now I am ready to resume my usual routine of a form of intermittent fasting that I have been doing for awhile - at home here we call it our Pagan Diet because we follow the seasons and festivals throughout the year with food days, fast days and feast days. 

What it consists of is fasting with water, herbal teas and lemon etc for 18 to 24 hours a couple times a week and timing my workouts to coincide with the fasting. Then on the other days I eat as I would normally, mostly vegetarian with some goat's milk in my dandelion coffee. I find that this lifestyle helps me to keep my energy up, burn fat and build muscle - and to be honest I have never felt better mentally either. 

All of this week I have been building back up to my usual routine of free weights, yoga, cardio and anything else that I feel compelled to do - with my shoulder back better than it was before and my body feeling lean and strong. Tomorrow I will be back into a few hours of fasting during the day to allow my system to clear out and continue with the healing work it has been doing all along.

And why do I do it you may ask? Because it is the only way that I have found that works. Over my many years walking this earth searching for answers to gut issues, detoxing, candida overgrowth and you name it - not one single thing, method, product, food, diet, etc that I have tried ever worked to bring back my energy levels, my full and complete health and most importantly - bring my life back.

When you are 'living' on the inside (in your gut, tissues and your heart) then you will be living on the outside and that means doing, having and being the person you were meant to be. Doing the things that you came here to do and having the kind of life that you want to have.

Nothing less will do - so if you are not yet living your life fully (and not many of us are) perhaps it is time to re-build life from the inside, because it will change things on the outside. Try it and see. 

Have a sunny, warm day!


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