Monday 28 May 2012

When You Say Nothing At All

So, yesterday was a fast day and today is a food day or a small food day as we say here in my house. As opposed to a big food day which would be a weekend or an even bigger food day - a feast. I got through it all right - I have done so many now that a single day fasting is no problem at all and I actually look forward to the break in eating to allow my body to rest, repair and clean out.

But, yesterday I was so tired, but not necessarily low in energy - I had lots to do and got a few things done. I was just tired from the weekend, rushing around and getting less sleep than usual in the past week or so. But it got me thinking. I remember the times when I used to be tired like that all of the time! Now, it's once in a great while that I feel that level of weariness.

Of course I was going over the situation in my mind to see if I could figure out exactly what was making me feel so tired and what I would do about it. I did do a little exercise - some yoga, free weights, etc. But not nearly as much as I would have liked to do. Nothing seemed to shake the tiredness it was more of a heavy feeling than anything else.

Late last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized how much of the tiredness had to do with all the things that I hold inside. Many thoughts, words, things that need to be said and the fact that I either never get an opportunity to say them or hold my tongue when I do have an opportunity because I feel that people would not understand me. 

How many of us are like that? Yet the people who perhaps should hold their tongues and keep quiet - never seem to shut up? Funny how life goes, isn't it?

I have been thinking about it ever since. What would I say if given the opportunity to say anything at all? Knowing me my first instinct would be to tell people to eat properly! Then if I was to take that one step further, I would probably tell them that if they did not change their lifestyle and diet immediately it might be too late. 

Too late for what? Perhaps to save themselves from what is to come. I have long been warned by my intuition that disease, viruses and all manner of nasties will be released on the earth perhaps as a bioweapon of war or maybe as a means to control/frighten people or even as judgement.

That is the main reason I eat and live the way that I do and keep myself and my family healthy - there are not many people on this earth with a functioning immune system, we have done so much to damage our bodies that it hardly functions anymore.  And certainly immune function is nowhere near what we are capable of. Now, that is something to talk about! 

I'll leave you with those thoughts for today... Better to say what you know and speak the truth, then to bottle it up inside and live in denial of what is real.

Have a nice day,


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