Friday 1 June 2012

Has Anything Really Changed?

I have not paid that much attention to news for quite some time - and I find that I can not read anything for about a year or so, go back to look over a few headlines and ---- not one single thing has changed. In many instances not even the names are different. Yet we go on, day after day, sucking it all in and believing every word.

One day a long time ago now, I woke up (parts of me are waking up all the time) with regards to the 'news' and realized that when we are told day after day how bad things are, how high the murder rate is, how sensational a court case might be, how the banks have stolen all the money and there is not one thing anyone can do about it- it leaves us all feeling quite powerless. 

But it also does something else to us. This is a continuous diet of negative, bad, awful information that we have come to expect and even revel in. Is it any wonder that people are depressed, unwell and losing hope  in so many ways? 

We are digesting the darkness and left feeling defeated.

What if things are really not that bad? Or what if they are really toxic in this dimension,  but this is only one version of reality and if we choose not to buy into it we will find a way to move out of this and into something far more aligned with the truth?

If I have learned anything over these many years that I am working with energy, spirit and in other realms - it's that the truth is something those in positions of power are afraid of. And energy, life, reality, moving forward - all of this 'work' is not complicated. This is simple. If it becomes complicated stop, take a deep breath and think it through again.

I made a conscious choice many years ago to live my life simply. To eat simply, raise my children gently and to see things for what they are - in other words to seek the truth. 

Perhaps it is time to make a few more decisions about life, living and the things that we want. Choose to seek the move further away from the Big Lie and look for the truth in all things and it just might surprise you how wonderful life really is. 

Have a true and real day!


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