Sunday 15 July 2012

10 Ways to Get Back in Your Body

For the most part not everyone knows what any of this work of the body, mind and spirit is all about. Just exactly what are the reasons behind thinking our thoughts and feeling the way we do about the world we live in? 

Many of us are just naturally drawn to vibrations of higher consciousness, are seekers and have been asking the right questions for quite some time. These actions are the forces that pull us onto higher ground and often sustain us as we navigate our way through the rough terrain. However, the reason why we seek, the justification for the deeper questions has always been that we are pushed out of spaces and places where we belong. 

Yet, how many would really understand that they have been pushed out of their bodies through some of the very same actions that they repetitively do each and every day? What sort of pattern have we found ourselves in that would create such a thing as to internally separate us body from mind from soul?

But, alas that is exactly how things are in this world and we, those of us who are searching for something better and much more - must pull back from ways and means of self depletion and sabotage (which can arrive from any direction). 

I have heard it said that today's children spend more time out of their bodies than in them and that this is just the way things are. Of course this thinking is flawed, if you are spending time out of your body, instead of seeking ways to get better acquainted with it then you are leaving yourself wide open for harm. 

Our bodies are the temples of god/soul/spirit/self (insert your own word here) and this is our only home. Any space or place that we are pushed out of creates a place of darkness, filled up with energy that doesn't belong and on a physical level becomes a potential inflammation. 

I have long said that if you are not living in your body, then someone/something else is. Once you move out of a space a vacuum is created and some other vibration will take up residence. Making changes and taking back your body is vital and will be life changing. 

Some of the ways that I have found effective to re-gaining ground in the body/mind/spirit are;

1.  Master Cleanses and Detox

The best, fastest and easiest way to gain ground quickly into my body, mind and soul is through doing these Master Cleanses which pull out the toxins that create negativity, stress and fear within my body. This takes time and effort, but is so gentle that I keep coming back to these methods time and again.

2.  Pure diet

This is a long term strategy of day by day raising my vibration from the inside out using organic, clean foods which are unprocessed, home cooked and nourishing. Of course there are certain groups of foods that I do not consume, but that is another post!

3. Clean water

Water is the fundamental element that our bodies cannot do without and which transports consciousness throughout our bodies - cell to cell. This water must be unaltered, directly from the earth and free of chemicals. I cannot stress this enough.

4. Exercise

Any form of movement as physical activity is grounding and helps to keep me centered. I love how I feel after any exercise and often use it in short bursts to boost creativity or to help work through some issue. 

5. Using herbs as medicine

Herbs are the intended medicine for our bodies as they do not interfere with delicate body functions or processes and leave us cleanly having only assisted or supported the body through an illness or change. And they are safe to use for many different reasons especially as teas in water, uplifting and aligning us with nature and higher consciousness. 

6. Nature (walking, hiking etc.)

Getting outside into nature or just walking around the block is all about connecting with the earth, feet onto the ground and coming back into our natural environment. I walk when I need to think or feel out of sorts (ungrounded) and just to feel apart of the earth's cycles and rhythms. 

7. Ceremony and Ritual

For far too long I was removed from any form of ritual or ceremony and had felt that it was not that necessary in my life. Over these years of walking the path however, especially since having my children, I have come back to these as formal rites that connect my physical being to nature or the overall bigger picture and my part in it. Besides, as part of The Pagan Diet, celebration and following the path of the sun is a key element to living a full life!

8. Removing negative situations

By this I mean removing myself from situations and relationships that serve to pull me down or distract me from my own personal goals. My family and my dreams or the things I want to achieve in this life come first for me and I do not feel comfortable when something interferes with this. As well, when our attention is taken away from the things that matter - the result is stress, worry and fear. These are not welcome on the path and must be dealt with for the impostors that they are. 

9. Closing Energy Leaks(c)

Years ago I developed this energy technique mainly as a means of healing my own energy field but also to gain additional insight into what was happening within and how these energetic patterns were affecting my body, mind and soul. Since then I have taught this to thousands and I continue to see its' many benefits daily. 

10. Following your dreams

This might be the method of gaining ground that takes into account each of the above, as your dreams are all that you really have and are a living part of you within your imagination. I dream a lot and would consider myself a 'dreamer' - at times they are all that I have been able to hold onto and have kept me going through the rough patches. Never, ever, give up on a dream. 


When you are able to put into practice as much as possible each of these on a daily basis and being to break down the old patterns that have held you back - you will gain ground back into your precious body. The secret here is that everything that is important takes place in the body, with you in it, this is  home.

Have a lovely day,


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