Tuesday 10 July 2012

Where are we stuck?

Feeling stuck, held back, one step forward, one step back, like we are going around in the very same circles that we have been in for all of time...and still we wake up here. And not 'there' where we want to be. 

I keep seeing this pattern repeat in my own life and of course I hear about it when I am talking with others - this is the very real issue, feeling, problem, fear and worry of being stuck. There are so many of us that are ready, willing and able to move ahead in some way however, something/someone/some situation etc. holds us back.

Do you ever notice about yourself how much of your life is spent waiting? For me I wait for someone to ring, wait for that person to contact me first, wait for a situation to develop, wait for something to change, waiting and holding on and not always making the first move towards getting unstuck or pushing forward.

What I have found in my own life is that this always revolves around one key or main area of life which is large enough to affect nearly every other area of the life I am trying to create and live. Being stuck in this one place stops me from moving forward in any other way.

In the meantime, does life move on without us? Or is it simply that time is moving but life is standing still? 

So what to do about all of this? At this point I usually run down through my 'getting energy moving checklist' and re-examine the things that I am doing behind the scenes to get myself moving forward in some way. 

My checklist includes a few things that I normally do to get things moving - fasting, cleansing, exercise, Closing Energy Leaks(c), ceremony, ritual, pilgrimage to a sacred site such as a stone circle, art, cleaning house, getting outside into the garden or just changing something.

Perhaps if we take this list and work our way down through it one by one, by the time we get to the end  we will have unraveled the place where we are stuck and will have removed ourselves from it. 

It's getting to that time to do my next cleanse! 

Have a lovely day,


Bantry House from the back - lovely place

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