Wednesday 18 July 2012

April's Five Minute Challenge

A number of years ago I wanted to find a way to get more out of my day and it got me thinking about the whole subject of energy. As some days I have so very much to do, how do I first of all stay focused and second of all keep the creative juices flowing? The third thing is how do I push it to the next level? These answers are always very simple and of course, right in front of me. EXERCISE

So I started thinking of all the things that I want to do, the goals, ambitions, even the smallest ones, and wondered what I could accomplish if I got my body moving for the next 24 hours.... could I move that mountain? Or climb it?

My goal was simple, I wanted to push myself into a higher level- but did not really know how that would play out. I just had a desire to feel like I was moving forward and perhaps see some results of it.

It quickly formulated into a plan to exercise very hard and very frequently- or just a bit of exertion and lots of it! I have done this over the years, but usually in conjunction with studying for an exam. So, I promised myself that for the next 24 hours or so I would exercise for at least 5 minutes each hour that I am awake--- NO EXCUSES.

Even when you exercise regularly, it is easy to treat this as a separate part of your day. The 45 minutes at the gym, or walking the dog or yoga class- neat and tidy, that is out of the way. I propose that when we incorporate it directly into our lifestyle no matter what it is, and remain active throughout the day- then not only are you more productive, you feel better too.

This changes the paradigm of how we think about physical activity and why we must move in order to stay healthy, but also that reaching these goals is often a matter of a little push in the right direction.

If you are at work, there is still no excuse - run up and down stairs, jog in the corridor, hop on one foot, or get outside, there is lots you can do; remember this is a CHALLENGE. One thing that I do is go outside without a coat and it forces me to move to stay warm. Sometimes I just run up and down in the driveway and around the house. For my last 5 minutes I was on my stationary bike, pedaling normally for all but each 30 second burst. Before that I did some weights, some rebounding, skipping and jogging.

This routine works particularly well if you are a student, as those brain cells require oxygen to process information. As I am all things to everybody at the moment, this is just the boost I need to improve my memory, focus and concentration. It really helps when writing, be it an essay, a letter or a book. Move it and use it.

Having babies or small children is no excuse, I have kids and you just have to be more creative. Be playful, turn up some music and dance for all you have in you! Better still, get them to join in with you, I have rarely seen little ones who do not want to move.

Even if I am in my pajamas, even if it is late at night, even if I need to pee, even if I (and we all have a reason ) any number of other things, just get up or stop what I am doing and move. But not any old move, it needs to be very physical exercise, with at least a couple of 30 second bursts of intensity or spurts.

Basic Rules to follow:

- it must be exercise
- if you sweat, this is best
- run, walk, jog, jump, hop, skip
- lift weights, push, pull, stretch
- do at least 2 spurts of 30 seconds each
- 5 minutes or more right up until bed time

So far I am nearly 5 years incorporating this way to exercise into my life and it really works to keep energy flowing and I must admit that I do feel some what more on top of things as long as I exercise.....

Exercise is the key to assisting your body in its’ removal of toxins like noxious chemicals, plastic or pollution before these become lodged in your tissues. Along with all the other benefits of activity we can now add more- brain-power, boosts in sales, a top grade on your exam, a promotion at work, being in a good mood with your family- or anything you want, you fill in the blanks.

So get going with what ever you can do and take up this challenge and from now on incorporate exercise into your day, everyday - you will make inroads into your body and this will help you on your path towards higher consciousness. 

Have a lovely day,


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