Sunday 8 July 2012

Interesting Dreams Last Night

It was another one of those nights where I must has been sleeping very deeply because it felt as if I went very far away. I have been thinking about it since I got up this morning and it seems as if the longer I cleanse and fast then the more access I re-gain to my body, so it only makes sense that I am going more deeply into my body tissues and cells thus the deep sleep and dreams.

This is significant for me in particular because I have not ever slept well or deeply and in fact would have been a light sleeper all of my life waking at every creak and sound. I still wake easily, but I feel better in the morning because I feel as if I have 'slept'. Some of you out there may know what I mean! LOL

So, today I feel rested again and as usual post fasting/cleanse I can certain that there has been another positive shift in myself. This time my dreams were showing me leaving an old hotel that I had been staying in, it was expensive and I had already paid (dearly!) but was still in the process of checking out. I was packing up getting ready to leave and it felt good, however there was no mention of where I was going, it was just interesting the things that I was finding as I was packing, because there were items that were not mine.

Clearly there are more changes on their way to me and us and I am starting to get excited about it all.

For those of you still on the outside of this fasting circle having a peek in, following day on/day off fasting is like taking regular baths where a layer of grime is removed each time. Doing seasonal Master Cleanses is like a long soak in a tub where you come out squeaky clean and ready to move on with your life in a new way.

Of course, each time your body resets, adjusts, clears and just works far better steadily moving back to the ways it was designed to function. There is nothing that compares to this process and not one thing that could be better. You have got to try this and see for yourself!

Have a sunny day, where ever you are,


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