Thursday 5 July 2012

Its not always what it seems...

If something isn't what it appears to be, it simply isn't. I have found that an awful lot of people, organizations, companies, groups and what not, are saying one thing while doing another. Which is bad enough. However, they are also giving out information that is completely wrong in many cases.

And there is perhaps none worse than the food industry and those involved in nutrition in general. It seems that there are many who have jumped on the nutrition bandwagon mostly because it is the best game in town and with so many people consuming dreadful diets - there should be plenty to do.

However there is one problem with all of this - supplements are not a food group and some of the advice being given out is based on modern medical science which is seriously flawed at best. 

I am often asked if I take supplements and what kind would I recommend - my answer is always the same. I stopped taking them in 1997 after I realized that they were doing me no good and were only feeding the candida and other nasties inside my gut. Food means real food, not pills made in a lab somewhere. Supplements have no place in a healthy diet.

Then on the other hand I was trained and told that when you eat 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks (or more) you boost your metabolism and that your body needs to have all of this energy going in all of the time. Without a break in routine. Also that to detox meant to change the foods to include certain 'cleansing' items in the diet.

Neither of these could be further from the truth. Supplements are deadly, they are easy food for anything that is non beneficial in our bodies. And if you do not provide your digestive organs with a break from all that work, something will break down. Further to this, fasting and giving your body a good cleaning (like any machinery) improves its' function and therefore your metabolism gets better. 

This is only common sense! Well, that was my rant for the day,

Have a good one


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