Monday 2 July 2012

Suffering, Crime and Punishment

What exactly does suffering have to do with us? As therapists, healers, energy workers or even as human beings? And why would we think that this suffering leads us any where but to more negativity - just whose concept is this?

When I look up the definition of suffering - I come across something very interesting; it is described as pain in a broad sense but more importantly fear, unpleasantness and aversion with the perception of harm being done to the individual. This is far more serious stuff than an association with things being a little difficult for us simply because we chose a tougher path.

What if I was to throw a thought out there into space - that our suffering increases because of these choices that we are making, yes, however they are increasing because someone or something wants us punished as a result of making them. The higher levels of spirituality have been considered to be the exclusive domain of only a chosen few, usually men for the past two thousand years or so.

I have long said that if you are not using it, someone else is using it for you. This same energetic rule applies here for higher consciousness, the years that we have spent in the lower realms while pushed out of our higher self have allowed open access to others up to no good. It appears to me as if they then set up some internal 'trap' to send us into a punishment pattern once we attempted to regain entry into our private spiritual sphere.

So there you have it. If you are currently suffering or feeling as if you are being punished for making the choices that you have made and thinking in new ways about your life and dreams, then this is likely an energetic pattern that has been turned on by your presence in this space.

A very good reason to plan a detox or 10 day Master Cleanse very soon! 

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Swans in Lough Hyne, a very sacred place, lovely energy!

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