Wednesday 4 July 2012

Think about it...

Today is the 4th of July which doesn't mean so much to me not being from the US, however, it is a well known holiday the world over and it has everything to do with freedom or at least the concept of freedom for many people.

But what does being free really mean and why should it be so important to us, especially those of us walking a path to higher consciousness? As usual when I am investigating a word I look it up - and here is some of what I found for the word freedom or free.

freedom - the ability to remain true to yourself, the power to think, act or speak as one wants without hindrance or fear of restraint. If we just narrow our focus and look at these meanings for this word, I don't think that many of us are free or even fully understanding how serious it is that we are not free.

Supposedly everyone is free in our society and that often equates to being free to make something of yourself and the freedom to be treated equally and fairly. Yet, there are so many constraints placed on us by others beliefs and fears that we have incorporated them as our own. 

Why should this matter to us who want something better for our lives such as eating better, living consciously and using herbs as medicine for example? You may have noticed that some people get nervous when they realize you follow a healthy eating plan or that you choose to use herbs to keep your body well and fit. 

One of the main reasons for this is their belief system or the lifestyle they have bought into and will follow to their often early grave. Which is great and fine for them - so what does this have to do with anyone else?

What you may have noticed is that so often these people are 'free' to impose, comment, push and dictate their ideas of health, eating, life etc. onto others, however, when something does not agree with their philosophy no such freedom exists for other opinions. 

This matters to those of us walking a higher path, because as long as you remain silent or even in company of these people, you are influenced by them and held back on your journey in several ways by this association of fear. 

You may meet people who live life with one foot firmly in both camps. They want their herbs and the chemical cocktail of drugs just to be on the safe side. Safe side of what I am not sure! There are still others who live a healthy lifestyle 60 or 70% of the time while the rest of the week they eat pure rubbish and what is worse feed it to their children. 

All of these people are living in a bubble of their own making which will eventually burst with their body responding negativity to any amount of poor food and chemicals or drugs. As long as it doesn't affect me, you might say? Well, it does affect us when we allow ourselves to feel intimidated by the opinions of others and do not exercise our own right to freedom.

Something to think about,

Have a nice day,


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