Monday 23 July 2012

Getting Out of Our Own Way

These past few days during my cleanse I have been focused on removing obstacles, blocks, resistance and other negative energy that has been holding me back. So, with this theme in mind I have been chipping away at some of the more obvious areas where I have been feeling stuck.

Of course the entire point of doing any cleanse of this sort, what I would call a 'spiritual detox' is to get at the bottom of whatever these underlying patterns are buried deep in my soul. I once heard it said that dysfunction of the spirit is far more serious then any other disorder of the body. This part of us can be damaged seemingly beyond repair and it is a delicate place to encourage healing.

In fact many of us go through our entire lives feeling hurt, damaged, weary or worse, not feeling at all - because the heart, the door that leads to spirit has been firmly closed in face of pain and adversity. Is it any wonder that the number one disorder and most modern diseases centre around the heart?

Just what is it that drives us out of our 'homes' and takes us so very far away from the centre of our being, enough to cause a slow and painful inflammation that ultimately develops from disconnection? Perhaps there is no one reason but many forming a web that contains us and disables our ability to find our way back to our deepest selves.

We have all heard the saying 'you can't go home again' and I fully understand this on one level. Once you leave the place of your childhood, you will change and step into bigger shoes, not wanting to play the same roles. To me then, this was not our home, but a temporary living arrangement in someone else's house. 

You must seek out a place for yourself, creating it out of the person you want to be and then put your heart and soul into such a project. Yet not many people can achieve this or even realize that this is what they are seeking in their lives.

A block in the heart is an emptiness, a hole that cannot be filled though many of us try with excess food, drink, drugs and other addictions. If you are brave and want to continue on your spiritual journey, this hole will have to be repaired one way or another. Of course, there are many bonuses to be found in the healing of the heart, and you will watch your life come back together in new ways.

Perhaps the best thing we can do once we are at this point is to make sure that we are not equally part of the problem here, hanging on to our familiar blocks and obstacles. 

It is time to let go and move onwards and upwards. 


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