Friday 27 July 2012

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual detox is a term that I have been mulling over for quite some time - long before I even had much of an idea where this path would take me. I remember as recently as a year ago, trying to get at buried toxins that just seemed to be far more stuck than others and wondering why this was so.

Of course as time moved on and I kept moving forward with the Master Cleanses and fasting, I moved far more deeply into my own body than I ever have before. The one thing that became clear to me ( I have mentioned it here several times) is that these wounds of the spirit are by far the most profound.

Along with these wounds, like a poison arrow, there are toxins and built up debris that must be moved out in order to heal and restore ultimately moving on from spiritual resistance. All of this makes perfect sense and this is precisely the sort of material a good detox will remove. However, there are other issues of the spirit at work here and this is what I would like to talk about.

Firstly, how many of us (for a long time, me as well) would stay in a  negative environment, relationship, situation waiting for the 'signal' or sign or some indication that the lesson was over - meaning that we could now move on. Most likely only to repeat this all over again.

Secondly, are there still those out there walking and talking the language of spirituality, while readily sacrificing their dreams, hopes, desires, purposes and ultimately souls - believing that to give so much of the self away is part of what is asked of us? That this path will cost us absolutely everything, with nothing left over for us?

I am asking just these two simple questions because for some reason, there seems to be a lot of wrong information floating around about exactly what is asked of us by 'spirit' and how much we 'should suffer' before we are pure enough to open up to higher levels of consciousness. 

Anything that you do or allow to be done to you, to cause suffering to yourself or your body is not spiritual in any way. Pain, emotional, physical, psychic, energetic - whatever - serves to push you out of yourself away from the direction naturally mapped out for us. Discomfort and challenge are not on the same vibration as pain.

Likewise spending time in negative environments with those who do not care to understand who or what you are (or worse) is a contamination of the energy field. Your body cannot possibly maintain good health (mind and soul equally) when you immerse yourself in these lower vibrations consistently. 

This all being said, doesn't meant that you have to completely back away from all and everything - not entirely. However, you do have to carefully consider who and what you want to become, where your journey will take you and if hanging around those who have no spiritual leanings is beneficial.

For the most part these two issues will mainly revolve around the work you do and those in your wider circles. Often our immediate family are all from one soul group and we will be on a similar track together. You will not be taken from love. 

What is being asked of us, one and all who walk the talk, is to unbelieve some of these spiritual 'rules' that have little to do with higher consciousness. Awareness grows and moves from cell to cell within our bodies - anything that we might do to interfere with that process can cause imbalance to our system.

Perhaps it is time to end the pattern of suffering and embrace something new. Isn't it interesting that the opposite of suffer is thrive, flourish  and prosper? 

Have a wonderful day,


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