Friday 6 July 2012

Looking for Answers

In some way we are all looking for answers, even if we no longer remember the questions that we have been asking. Many people have been searching, seeking, walking and talking about life, deeper meanings and how to understand these bodies that we are living in.

Once upon a long time ago, there was a bridge from our world we currently experience and live in into other worlds, we could choose to visit or access but ultimately maintain a connection with. Then this point of reference was lost to us, it was broken and corrupted because of greed, abuse of power and the control of a very few.

Now in order to find the remains of this bridge we must re-build it from within, walk until we remember it and find our way in the darkness that has settled over humanity. However, it is not impossible, just more of a challenge for those of us seeking to re-establish these inner links and pathways.

This journey is the essence of our spiritual task here on earth that can be undertaken by those of us who are willing, interested and ready to do the work required to get there. It all takes place inside as well as outside - the further you walk this path on the inside the more ground you will cover on the outside.

Don't be discouraged from your path by poor water, rubbish foods and foolish people. These are temporary and meaningless relationships that serve no higher purpose. Clean up your life, focus your energy and take a step today towards finding yourself.

What you seek, is already here

Have a nice day,


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