Monday 16 July 2012

Advice to Energy Healers and Therapists...

Many years ago I started out exploring energy healing, hands on healing, energy therapy and all manner of anything to do with the energy field in an effort to understand my energetic self, but also with the hope of making something of it and helping other people. 

Of course being an intuitive and inquisitive by nature, I wanted to explore and figure out exactly what was happening within the energy field of the humans I was seeing as well as myself. In order to do that I needed to be proficient in hands on energy therapies and to know what they were all about.

Over the following few years I took courses in nearly everything - Hands on Healing, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, became a Reiki Master, massage therapy - you name it, I did it. And for the most part I really enjoyed the work that I did and felt that I was figuring out a lot about energy.

Of course, there were always queries and lingering doubts about some of what was being taught, and whenever I asked certain questions I was put off or pushed out of the inner circles. When I look back now, I know that it was because those teaching and demonstrating these techniques did not know themselves and what was worse was that some did not care.

The questions and lingering doubts that I had then still stand today and most higher level teachers and leaders even now do not want to 'know' more because it puts them in a position of responsibility. One that they are ill prepared to take on or even to know how to address. 

I have listed some of those questions that I was asking then and since have addressed through my own work, life and core beliefs and written about my findings in my books;

  • How were the practitioners and participants being protected and by whom or what? 

This question about protection was and is perhaps the most important one that I have had to ask and of course it has never been answered satisfactorily. When we are doing 'energy work' (by this I mean working in someone's energy field) and consuming a poor diet, taking medication, under profound stress, using 'other' drugs such as alcohol, exposure to radiation and any number of other vices - our energy fields can be wide open. That is one issue. 

Connected to this is that no matter how many bubbles of light surround you or how much you meditate or who your guides/angels/spirits are - you are not protected. And what is worse - you are not in a position to protect anyone else. An energy field is only as strong as the practitioners physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is at that moment in time. 

Each of the 'vices' listed above weaken, damage, break and otherwise wreak havoc with the delicate strands which make up a person's energetic field. This is reality. We have to work at taking exquisite care of ourselves which includes the energy field.

  • Why was everyone 'leaking' energy and what to do about it?

As an intuitive I 'see' and perceive the energy field, quite clearly I might add. Of course this situation has become far worse in more recent times however, even back in the late 80's and 90's when I was attending these courses I was seeing that something was amiss in my own energy field and in everyone else's. They were full of holes, rips, tears and in some cases broken off completely. Many people were missing parts of their energy fields at the back, especially near the neck and above the kidneys - both areas where we carry stress. 

These problems with the energy field are caused by anything (from junk food to drugs to chronic stress) that damages the physical body. We cannot separate our physical self from ANY other part of us - we are a functioning unit and that means all of us. Energy fields that are full of breaks, holes and tears, leak energy which leads to dysfunction.

What to do about it? Well, this was the single biggest reason I developed my energy technique of Closing the Energy Leaks but also, any improvements that you make to your diet, health, well-being and lifestyle will begin the process of repairing your energy field.

  • Who was showing up when angels, spirits and guides were 'called' in?

I actually remember 'watching' people being encouraged to call in spirits, masters, guides and other entities and then not paying the slightest bit of attention to what was showing up. Mainly because they were not being taught to ask these questions, but also because no one was even thinking that 'anything' might come in through an open door. 

In some of my classes on energy therapy and Medical Intuition I have had participants experiment with this and then check the 'beings' that were showing up. This was an eye opener for everyone involved  leading them to become far more discerning afterwards in their private practices. 

Just because you call in what you believe to be a spiritual being of integrity, this is not always what will arrive and besides, if you are hopped up on sugar, what else would you expect? Like, attracts like in the energy realms.

  • What was the story with all the sugar, rubbish and junk food?

This brings me to my last point, I remember attending some of these courses where tables would be piled high with all manner of junk food - everything from chocolate, fizzy drinks, potato crisps, doughnuts, cakes, sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Oh and a little bowl of fruit on the side. When I asked sincerely what was going on with all of this rubbish food, I was informed that sugar improves your psychic and intuitive abilities. Yeah, right.

Anything that does harm to the body, will not improve any function of that body. Sugar is a poison, it is toxic and an anti-nutrient. This means that it costs you energy to digest and assimilate it because it is so depleted of energy. It has absolutely nothing to offer you and using this will lead to many forms of dysfunction. And it will definitely not improve anything especially where your sixth sense is concerned.

As humans we intuitively know that and everyone should know this. So why on earth is this, still to this day, a part of these workshops as if it was the nectar of the gods? Sugar is dangerous stuff (pure white and deadly?) and not to be mixed with energy work of any kind. 


Why am I writing about this now and spelling this out so clearly for you here - because this is some of what I have learned over these past 20 plus years that I have been in this business and I wish that someone had told me when I started out. It would have saved a lot of frustration, illness, worry, stress and FEAR over the years. 

So, now you know.


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