Friday 20 July 2012

7 Spiritual Habits

Each day there are many of us who are attempting to walk the path of higher spiritual knowledge and often we are doing this quite in the dark and of course, alone. Mostly this is a solitary path or one to be undertaken with your spiritual partner or soul family but even then you will often find yourselves on your own.

Over these years of intense focus on walking the talk and living this way, as a family we have learned a number of important things - often these truths are so vital to how we approach this journey that to do something differently would cause us to stop or slow down. And what is far worse, when we don't pay attention to detail, this can cause confusion.

I have come to realize that while there are truths for individuals there are also general patterns and habits that apply to each of us on our spiritual path - and once they are incorporated into our daily lives, things become much easier. There is much we can do to free up the energy flow and not encourage more blocks or resistance within our own fields.

I have noticed about 7 of these spiritual habits, when applied to our lives make an incredible difference to our comfort level and peace of mind while on this very special journey.

1. Don't Put Things Off

One of the most important things to realize is that when you have things to do (which can be done such as ironing, exercise, chores around the house etc) and they get put off, each of these tasks tie up energy. These sit on our minds, in our energy fields and like any other area of stagnant energy, until this project is finished we are giving it energy. 

It is actually much harder to stay in one place then it is to move forward. Try standing still for awhile and see how you do - it takes a fair amount of energy, because your body is designed to move and it is a natural force within us. 

If you start something, try your best to finish it and get organized - make a list of things to be done and then do them. You know how much better you feel when something is accomplished? Well, this is why. When you are on a spiritual path, all your energy will be needed to walk the talk - completing tasks is an important way to get energy moving.

2. Treat Your Body Like a Temple

As I mention in my books, if you don't take care of your body, you will have no place to live. This physical body is your home, which is a vital piece of your spiritual journey because the path is inwards, not outwards. You will not find it outside of yourself, your journey is within. 

Taking exquisite care of the body is part of your learning on this path therefore eating pure whole foods, drinking clean water, using herbs for healing as well as taking regular exercise are all important elements of walking the talk.

How can you possibly expect to arrive 'home' if you block the way with rubbish foods, drugs, alcohol and toxic chemicals? Not going to happen.

3. Believe in Better 

Three of the most important words to me over these years, that actually had the profound effect of changing my life at the time were - You Deserve Better. Of course I had heard them said before, but one day I woke up and really heard them. In a way they started my journey once again and became a mantra for me for many years.

Along with those words are a sense that there is something better for me, a better way, better food, water and then to expect better from myself. Once you start to believe in better, you raise your expectations for your life and then your energetic vibration also raises.

4. When You Know Better, Do Better

This is a fundamental lesson in integrity on this spiritual path. I have come to think of it like a light - when the light goes on for an issue or situation, then that is it, instant change. I cannot remain with the same thinking, the same people or in the same place once I know a better way. If I do keep doing the same things, once again this creates stagnant energy in the field and I will become stuck. 

In this way, the spiritual path is all about change, not one aspect of your life will remain the same from start to finish. You must change who you are, what you do, and the way you live as part of the path. It is meant to remove you from some situation that does not work and bring you onto higher ground where life is better. Don't be afraid of change.

5. Treat Every Situation Like a Teacher 

Once you decide to start this journey, from now on each situation that you find yourself in and everyone you meet is a teacher. You are constantly learning about yourself, the world around you and why things are as they are. You are meant to figure things out, you are supposed to ask questions - because this is the only way that we can effectively learn anything worthwhile.

Like a small child - we will ask the same questions over and over again until we get it straight in our minds. The people and relationships that we might find ourselves in are equally important - to learn what needs to be learned and then to move forward, as often on this path individuals arrive when we need them and move on once the lesson is finished. 

6. Create Sacred Space 

Having some place in your home and garden that is set aside for ceremonial purposes and reserved for spiritual practice is a vital piece to the work of the spirit. Remember, this space mirrors something that is within you, what is outside is also inside - if there is no sacred space set aside on the outside, there won't be any room reserved for this inside either.

This could be anything - for many it is simply a shelf or a table or a if you have the space, a room where you can  go to light a candle, spend some time in reflection, do some Yoga, read, listen to music or just about anything that you might consider spiritual.

We celebrate the full and new moons, and would have space set aside inside and outside the house for this. Some times, on feast days, we take our meals in our sacred space and it transforms into a place of sacred ceremony. Beautiful.

7. Know Thyself 

Lastly, there is no clearer reason to follow a spiritual path if you do not end up with full knowledge of your purpose, in complete alignment with your destiny and an absolute understanding of the power within your body.

These are fundamentals of higher consciousness and of course, the main reason we are doing any of this deep work on ourselves. Because this journey is inwards, you can expect to gain detailed information about your own history, past lives, health, energetic patterns and how to work with each of these to heal and uplift your life. 


Although these are only a few basics of following a spiritual path - when applied to your life with honesty and integrity you will make things easier for yourself and deepen your experience. 

See yourself home safely,


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