Monday 30 July 2012

Spiritual Detox Part 2

This subject may never be finished, there is still much that needs to be said and as I mentioned before it has been mulling around my mind for such a long time, this entire theme of toxicity of spirit. There are deeper issues here that are affecting each one of us who are walking this path, while some of them are making us sick.

Two of which are spiritual jealousy and spiritual competitiveness - each of these in turn probably arrive together and derive from similar sources. However, both are equally nasty and damaging (to the extreme) of the energy field creating large rips or tears especially along the back of the body.

I would go so far as to say that if to be envious of someone else can be likened to sending dark magic their way, to be resentful and bitter regarding someone's spirituality can be compared to embedding a curse deep within their energy field which festers away until recognized and removed.

One of the main problems here is that even though we may know a darkness is carried or buried in the field, most people are unaware of how to remove or disassemble it. And indeed it takes some doing - this is not as simple as drinking a herbal remedy (although herbs can play a large role) nor can it be shifted by someone else.

This is what I want to address here mainly, far more then anything else on your spiritual journey, is that you must come to rely upon yourself for your own healing, body care and take full responsibility for all that you are and want to become. 

No one other than you can do this on your behalf, in the exact same way that no one else can fix you, shift you or walk your path. They may be able to point you in the right direction, however, when it comes down to the actual physical work of your spirit - be it removal of a curse or aligning with higher consciousness, your body already knows how to do this, any 'assistance' might cause more harm then good. 

So how does this relate back to spiritual competitiveness and jealousy - quite simple really, there are those out there who are ready to step into action the moment you start to believe you can't do this on your own. They might offer help and guidance by way of most often bizarre rituals involving the soul which are said to help you with your journey in some way.

To be honest with you, if someone starts mentioning working on another person's soul, dreams, life force, or anything deeper then the immediate energy field, I would run the other way. There is not one of us on the planet with permission to tamper so deeply with another person. 

Once such a person has been granted access to your inner blueprint this is dangerous ground - in my experience there are those who want what they see and will then stop at nothing to take it. They have placed themselves into positions of power where access to other people is easy and anyone perceived as a threat can be dealt with severely. 

I know, this is not the 'love and light' subject normally brought up during discussions on higher consciousness - however, these things are real, they are happening and even though this is unpleasant, it still must be talked about. 

With this blog in particular, my promise has always been to tell it like it is and to call out the truth of each and every situation that we may find ourselves in. That is what I have been writing about for quite some time in my books and now, if you are reading this and wondering why, perhaps it is time to ask yourself about your own level of protection. 

Your spirit or soul is the most precious commodity you own, guard it with your life.


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