Tuesday 17 July 2012

Top 5 Ways to Unblock Energy

Top 5 Ways to Unblock Energy

My mission over these past few days that I have been following my July Master Cleanse has been to focus on areas of blocked and resistant energy. I have been listening, talking to and working with my body but focused on mainly my heart area as that feels to be the key to all of this.

Today is only day 3 of the 10 days but it appears to have hit me like a brick wall or perhaps I am the one who has hit the wall. And I think that this just might be the wall that I have to break down or get over somehow.

Tonight I am feeling tired, but not tired (like it comes from some other place), heavy in my heart and just now as I was tuning in to exactly what I was experiencing, it is as if there is an echo or an emptiness. I have found the block that I was after – so now what to do about it?

Of course, a cleanse is all about cleaning out areas, tissues, organs and cells at the deepest levels to remove toxins, reduce inflammation and generally restore harmony to the body. I know that this cleanse will do the work that needs to be done here – I am only required to support it.

I have been doing a few things to encourage the energy to move as I am an old hand at this (smile), however, this is deeper than I have ever gone before and I guess each successive Master Cleanse will be like this from now on. I have days, weeks and months of fasting under my belt and no two times have been alike.

This time around I am doing the following 5 things mainly to open up this blocked energy and get at the underlying pattern;


The physical act of cleansing on its own pushes the toxins to the surface creating movement in any area of stagnant energy. Sort of like an osmosis – water flows and pulls out embedded poisons and clears the debris. Any time spent cleaning the body inside and out is worthwhile leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed afterwards.


I love music and all kinds of music –  this is often the first thing that I do with my day – listen to some music, usually loud and upbeat. These past few days I have been listening for all sorts of tunes from country to rock to classical –  and I have found that this has helped to open something that was tightly closed. Perhaps that is the magic of music, the notes and harmonies work with our body on several levels at the same time; it can penetrate where other things cannot.


Any form of physical activity, movement, exercise and especially dance takes us into and connects us with our innate energy flow. Energy can become erratic, spiked, congested and many other things – movement works to re-align the energy field, smoothing out the configuration and allowing structure or shape to be more defined. This should be a gentle process when necessary and dance can be a great way to encourage re-patterning within the energy matrix. Dancing brings us back to self – to put it simply, where there is more self arriving, there is little room for blocks. I always feel better when dancing or exercising and I try to do this often, having small children helps as they love to dance!


Nature is all about grounding, connecting and feeling apart of something grander, bigger than ourselves. When we are out in nature with the intention of making these connections, repair can take place to reverse the damage of blocked and resistant energy. When we are blocked in any way, we have interrupted these energetic ties to our own world and can lose our bearings quite easily. Using nature as part of our overall healing process brings us back into this level of awareness which then serves to help dislodge the block.  These past few days I have been walking, working in the garden and taking pictures when possible, spending time outside.

Creative Work (writing, art)

I do many things that might be considered creative, I write, I love to cook, bake and create with food,  we grow herbs for my teas and keep a large garden. And even though it would not be something that I would show to others, I enjoy painting, colouring or using pastels. When I am working on an art piece I approach it in the exact same way I would a reading on someone – my body, mind and spirit go into a new realm and something just flows. In this instance it would be colours, textures and shapes giving voice to feelings and thoughts.


These are some of the ways and means that I have been using to find these blocks in my system and then to uproot them and hopefully begin the process of removal. I am not na├»ve enough to think that this will happen all in a day or even during this cleanse. Often these energy blocks have existed for lifetimes and will take careful effort to dissolve, however, this is all part of the journey that I am on and I am pleased to have come so far. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings,


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