Tuesday 3 July 2012

Even with all the rain...

Even with all of the rain, each day is good for something and today is no exception. The energy is clear and undisturbed right now with movement coming in short waves and bursts, like popping balloons.

This might make us feel a little jumpy or anxious at times, however it is all part of the bigger process of changes that are underfoot. The one difficult thing is to remain grounded during these shifts as some can feel quite literally lifted off of their feet.

So, that was a synopsis of what is happening with the energy fields for those of us who are walking a higher path, something is moving us onwards and upwards gently towards our purpose. And just what is purpose really - I have often had people come to me sincerely seeking to know and understand their purpose here on the earth.

Of course it is written in their DNA and coded into every cell, however, until you are actually ready, safe, knowledgeable and perhaps mature enough you will not be shown your full purpose in life. It can be compared to a triple locked box that only you can open after a series of tests and trials to prove you are really you. And finally in a place to act on it.

One of our purposes here on this planet is usually very simple - we are here to regain all that we have lost and left behind. To meet up with soul mates and to reunite with  soul family once again. Once we find these pieces of ourselves then the rest of the world can align and open up to us and within us. 

So, even with all the rain, there is much that is happening, seen and unseen. Life is never dull, just follow the energy.

Have a nice day,


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