Thursday 12 July 2012

The Devil Made Me Do It....

At times it can seem like an uphill battle - this walking the talk or trying to live consciously. However, losing weight, making changes to your diet and lifestyle is not so very different from any other forms of self-betterment. You desire something more for yourself, your body translates that into greater awareness and then the universe aligns to enable you to create the experiences that will bring the wave to you.

It all sounds easy why is this so difficult? There is one area that not many of us are talking about, perhaps because it has appeared to be the domain of religions and those too fearful to even comprehend these bigger concepts. This is the thing/creature/energy force or whatever 'it' is that we would know as the devil.

To me this is an energy entity that can take over certain situations, buildings, land and even people - to create a pocket of very low vibration. One way to recognize this is when you experience something that has a complete lack of consciousness. The devil is the lowest form of being totally lacking in any glimmer of awareness.

When this energy is around (it never announces itself), it manages to create an atmosphere of confusion, hopelessness and fear. Of course this dark cloud serves one main purpose and that is to keep you in a downward cycle away from love, cheer, joy and hope. Your life then becomes a struggle played out throughout excess weight, poor lifestyle and food, addictions, finances, relationship issues; which is ultimately over the ownership of the soul.

The 'devil' will do anything to pull you down into the depths of despair and keep you there as this is where it lives. It is the worst form of darkness known to humankind - complete and utter lack of conscious perception. Zero consciousness.

At this point you may be wondering, just why is consciousness so important and what is it exactly? Well to me, it is all about being awake - the physical act of waking up inside and out, as if we had been far away from here and are now come back. 

But not only that - yes you wake up and see or become aware of the way things are around you, but then the lights go on and you also see things for what they truly are (comprehension and understanding) and then act upon this new level of knowledge.

So, consciousness arrives in at least two parts - you wake up, the light goes on and then you must act or take steps to change your life because things are different under this new energy. In this way, consciousness is a resource or energy force all on its own - as this is the immeasurable substance field that has eluded science for decades. 

What this has to do with the concept of the devil is quite simple - lowest consciousness begets more life forms just like itself. All of these function to stand in the way of those who are seeking something more,  higher levels of awareness with the understanding that they deserve better in life. 

The way out of this lowest state of being of course is to cleanse, detox and otherwise unplug from things that give this 'devil' life. For me this has translated into removing the radio, television, stepping away from certain relationships and of course taking exquisite care of my body. 

You can do this, if you want your life back, you must reclaim your body too because this is where your soul lives, when you allow consciousness to develop and grow, joy, freedom, clarity and hope blossoms. It's all in the water....

Have a conscious day,


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