Sunday 1 July 2012

You Can't Go Back...

Sometimes our thoughts turn to other worldly things such as destiny, purpose and higher pursuits of our deeper meaning. There is a part of us that carries our destiny forward from all other times - its like a pandora's box of energy once its opened, it can unleash nearly anything from whatever is stored inside.

Today I have been sensing this destiny and purpose all around myself and others that I have met - like a shift within the world's structure, there has been an opening of the great treasure chest of life and now there is no closing it. And no going back either.

It is not as if our destiny is set in stone or even singular in nature - there are paths, doorways, choices and many roads that can be taken along the way. Following our hearts will not take us to one particular place either, this   choice may lead to many weird and wonderful areas for us to explore. 

However, once our hearts have been set on a course, there is no turning back, especially for those of us who are seeking higher consciousness, truth and light in all things. Some where there is the life you have seen in your dreams and you simply know that you are on the right track. To do anything else would betray all that we hold dear and force us to live in denial of who we are.

If you have dreams of something more, better, different and higher than where you are right now - take some time to explore your heart. Find a tiny speck of hope and belief deep inside and hold on tight to this dream.

You are worth it and life is far too short to live any other way.

Have a lovely trip!


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