Friday 6 July 2012

Believe in Better

Unless some of us do something differently with our lives and stop following the rest of the crowd into a dark abyss, not a whole lot will change. And just what have we been doing and what needs to change exactly?

Sometimes it seems that we are not entirely clear on these points - perhaps we have not yet passed the point of confusion and are still mired down in the muck created for us and around us by those in positions of power. 

However, it is still up to us ordinary people to seek and create change within our lives, usually for me this is easily accomplished simply by stopping whatever it was that I have been doing that doesn't work for me. It might have been the foods I am eating or the job I was working at and the circle of people around me who might have kept me in that position.

The key here is to make a break - find a way out of whatever situation you are in that is pulling you down. Need to identify it? It will be outside of you (outside of your immediate family) and make you feel completely drained, yet you will pursue it and it also seeks you out. Like some sort of weird addiction.

Now that you have the basics, you can begin to step out of some negative patterns that pull your energy and hold you in one place. Start with any rubbish foods, replace them with a healthy alternative. Then choose one situation that must change - just step back from a relationship. Believe me, the other person will feel better too! Energy works both ways.

Sometimes, we are meant to only walk part of the path with others (situations, patterns, addictions etc.), not the entire path. There are only a select few people such as those in our soul groups who will remain with us for a lifetime. Any other situations will become a distraction. 

If you want better in your life, you must choose better and work to create it.

Have a lovely day,


Sailing Camp Glandore- the sun does shine!

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