Wednesday 25 July 2012

Why Is This So Difficult?

I have spoken with a few people over these past few weeks and there seems to be one main theme amongst those who are trying to walk a spiritual path - that this is hard and perhaps it has gotten harder over the last while.

Right now there just seems to be so many opposing forces within each of us and of course swirling around us that are attempting to derail people on their journey. In many instances these forces succeed at least for a time as we can often become side tracked by situations and drama.

However, once the game is recognized for what it is, we can remove ourselves from the board and stop playing along. Or is this where the difficulty lies for some people? They can see the game and energy they are caught up in, but choose not to move away from it because it serves them in some way.

In this way, they believe that by keeping a foot firmly in both camps they will benefit from both or not miss out on anything. Perhaps it also has a lot to do with fear, people who are fearful will do nearly anything to keep things the same, change can be unnerving and involves responsibility for the outcome.

For others, there are difficult choices to be made, and once new roads are taken, the path can become increasingly tedious and stressful. In some ways it can be compared to being punished for making choices in favor of a higher spirituality. And indeed that is what appears to be happening.

A path to higher consciousness will take you away from people, places and situations where you were once told that you belonged. At least, at one time that was all there was, but you knew you were different and that you did not really fit in. 

Pulling away and pushing back from the place you were in has taken courage, time and for some of us, it has cost us dearly. However, such decisions are not taken lightly but come about from years of seeking answers, soul searching and finally taking steps to create forward movement in our lives.

When I look back at what my life is now compared to where I have come from, and the time in between that has seemingly taken me to the gates of hell and back, I no longer wonder why. I know that this has served to strengthen me, but more than that, it has also enabled me to unlearn or un-believe  all that I was taught about myself and the world around me, which of course never worked for me because it did not apply or fit into my dreams.

In essence walking the talk and choosing to seek a higher path asks everything of you which will then enable you to re-create from the ground up the life you choose to live. And this is not easy, but this too is about to change, don't be afraid of it.

Have a wonderful day,


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