Saturday 30 June 2012

Final Day of My Mini Cleanse

And of course 3 days into anything and I am only just starting to get into the grove! LOL But, this has been a very productive 3 days and continues to be with my mind feeling relaxed and clear. I must say that I really like this feeling of heightened perception and clarity about life and the tasks I set out to do.

One of them has been to make some changes to my website (which is soon to be replaced) and focus on this blog. I am actually enjoying this process of creating and the things that I am learning about the internet, coding and using these tools. All great stuff.

Physically over the last 2 days I was a little tired at times and then it would shift and I would feel a surge of energy. Now today it is all energy and I feel as if I am flying. Usually by day 3 of any cleanse or fast the adjustment period is over and you will feel fabulous. 

My husband is doing this with me and had been sand blasting at work which always bothers his lungs, he was in pain each time he coughed or sneezed, this has also now shifted and his lungs feel clear again. 

I am actually thinking of doing another 3 days at the end of next week before I have to decide on when I will do my  July 10 day Master Cleanse. We'll see how this goes as I have lots of cooking to do (: in the next few days and that might be a challenge as I would like to be able to taste test everything (a few times!).

Enjoy your Saturday,


A large moth outside our house, that survived the rain storm!

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