Friday 8 June 2012

2nd Day - Getting Interesting!

Well, today is my second day on the June Master Cleanse and I must say that things are very interesting already. I have lots of symptoms of a mild viral thingy going on here- with aches and pains in my knees, slight chills, low level headache, a rash on hands and foot, tired and a huge amount of resistance in my body to doing this next part of the journey. 

Of course, I have been doing this long enough to know that this resistance is from the virus itself that is under attack right now by my own body defenses and that it has been there for over 20 years - controlling me in lots of ways. Now, the tables have finally turned.

So, I am feeling ok, lots of emotional stuff coming up and I am keenly aware of this virus that is in my body. These are actually the low level symptoms that I have felt all along with this, its just that right now with no food in my system - I can feel the battle raging!

Other than that I have had a very interesting 24 hours - you know how I always say 'what's going on inside is happening outside' - well, I have had phone calls from people who have received vaccines recently and are reacting badly. Yet, the medical establishment is completely in denial of any of this and washes their hands of it the moment an injection is given.

Amazing! No other profession in the world would get away with this; the knowing distribution of poisons into the general population. One of the reasons I am bringing this up is because I came down with glandular fever (and maybe a few other things) shortly after I was re-innoculated with all the vaccines because my chart was lost and I was about to start a new job which required them. At the time, I was very concerned but needed to work and felt that I did not have a choice.

Now, I would make entirely different decisions and would never go work somewhere that would require me to inject my body with toxins. I mean the world is toxic enough without requiring us to fill up on more.

This is where I am at on Day 2 of my June Master Cleanse - pondering each of these big issues and lamenting what has been done to my body over the years of my childhood - mostly without my consent. And perhaps finally ridding myself of the vast majority of these nasty bugs each time I do this...

Talk to you tomorrow,


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