Monday 11 June 2012

Now Half Way There!

Today is the start of day five and it already promises to be another good day. We got a few things done yesterday - as is par for the course when doing a cleanse, as you work far more efficiently and of course a little faster.

As is usual for me, I am cleaning all sorts of things - inside and out. So I spent the morning cleaning things that needed to be sorted out and then out to the garden for some more weeding. Then, once I started in on the garden I stumbled across an ant hill which had to be carefully moved - very telling for a family doing a cleanse! Removing weeds and things that do not belong in the garden (the shadow self). 

I am feeling pretty good overall - a little sore this morning after all the bending, kneeling and moving things around with the weeding. However, I am far more positive today as I know that I really came through a huge detox cycle in the last two days or so. This is how it always seems to work, big detox cycle, the a small rest, then another big push inside the body to get another deep layer out.

And I am so pleased with having made a huge connection from these old energetic patterns in my life to the time I spent working in a place where I was treated horribly and felt bullied. Hopefully now some other big chunk of that old way of thinking/feeling is behind me.

A Master Cleanse is deep, this is hard work, it is ten days of intense focus and scrutiny on your inner being, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical patterns. Then allowing your body the time and space for these to move and come to the surface - while you listen, watch and work with all that surfaces.

To say that this can be the biggest commitment and perhaps one of the most important things that you might ever do, would be an understatement. Each of these has changed my life - a few days at a time and moved me to higher ground. 

I would not trade the time spent detoxing, fasting and cleansing for anything. Yes, it can be tough. I have days which are absolutely grueling. However, I had far worse in my life when I was eating poorly, feeling unwell and could not see the light at the end of each tunnel. 

With each MC, I am choosing my battles and the place where they will play out - and I am entirely in charge. This is all about power, change and taking back control of my life from the inside out.

Something to think about....


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