Saturday 23 June 2012

Good Morning...

This weekend is usually known around the world as Mid Summer and St. John's Eve as it has to do with the changing seasons, solstice and to mark the summer growing season in a significant way. One thing that might not be very well known, but is an obvious link here, is to water.

And of course anything to do with water interests me greatly as I have long found that this substance is the number one healer, changer, shifter and the most grounded food on the planet. So, what are the links to water?

Well - John the baptist was the one who appeared to be using water to create change in people's lives through 'baptism'. This is very symbolic of using water to cleanse as it washes away all that does not belong in the body (cleanse or detox). The other most interesting link for me is that this weekend is an ancient Pagan water festival when on the morning of Mid Summer water would be found from a running stream and honored as part of the day (spirit of living water). 

So, this weekend is a water festival as well as a fire festival - buckets of water would be poured over participants usually to cool them from the heat of the sun, but also to symbolize cleanse and consciousness. Too bad it's not hot enough here for that!  

Either way, anything to do with water as the Universal healer is most welcome - the use of water (and herbs in water) is the only way that I have found that works in the body to do nearly any healing that needs to be done - weight loss, health, spiritual journey and detox.

Check out my book The Pagan Diet to find out all about what and how I eat, live and walk the path that lies before me. 

Have a great day! 


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