Thursday 7 June 2012

First Day - Master Cleanse

This is Day One of my June Master Cleanse - I had promised myself that I would do one a month for each month this summer and this is my second beginning. I actually wasn't certain that I would begin today and had not admitted it much to myself (I was mulling it over!) so last night I said, ok - if this was the right time for the June cleanse I would have a dream or something and be sure.

And did I ever have a dream! I dreamt all night about the same things - an old virus that I had when I was 20 years old - glandular fever - at the time I was just happy to get back to work after a month off and try to get my energy back. But by 15 years later I was realizing that my energy never really came back fully and I never did feel like myself afterwards.

It was only when I started detoxing that everything changed and I began to realize that I could feel much better than I did. Of course, I had to let go of all the stimulants and toxins in my diet as well - so this is where I am at today. Still healing, still reversing damage that has been done to my body by so many nasty things over the years -in my experience a cleanse is what you make of it and its all about the mind.

I just finished reading one person's account of a 5 day juice 'cleanse' where she says she had a terrible time, never felt good and couldn't wait for it to end. She was dying for a coffee - according to her and that was the first thing that she had once the detox was finished. Well, duh! 

You will have caffeine withdrawal for a few days if you do not taper it off or stop drinking the drug prior to starting a diet of any kind. This person was a bit of a fool for thinking that she could just jump right into  a cleanse without prior preparation and a bigger fool for not realizing that caffeine is a serious stimulating drug that has far reaching effects on the body. 

What bothers me is that not many people will pick up on that fact and will then be put off from doing something that could potentially change their lives in a few short days. So, if you want to do a cleanse or a detox or a fast of any kind - get rid of the drugs first. Quit smoking, stop coffee, change your water and perhaps if you take medication - then this is not for you. 

Your body has to be ready to be cleaned - so imagine if you are preparing a room for a good, thorough cleaning - what would you do? You would empty it first as much as possible because you cannot clean with a cluttered room full of junk! 

Well, I am off to enjoy my first day of my June cleanse - I just know that this will be interesting to say the least...


These are pots of salad leaves that we have been harvesting for a few days - yumm!

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