Monday 25 June 2012

Lough Hyne

Yesterday in honor of the Water Festival weekend we decided to go for a walk near Lough Hyne (Baltimore) - it is an ancient place with an abundance of history and magic. We walked up the hill in the nature reserve which took us to the top called Soldiers Look Out. There were lots of steps, tight spots and overgrowth of trees - it was lovely and refreshing after our day of eating all that food!

The walk itself is very like life in general - a steady climb to the top, which can be difficult in places and pushes you to use your whits and keep your mind in a focused space most of the time. Then you will encounter a few areas where your mind can wander free and ponder the larger mysteries. While the path is mostly dark, once you near the top it will open up for the most magnificent view and bright light.

Something to look forward to on our own journeys, onwards and upwards. I have posted a few pictures below from our walk. 

Today after all the activity with the garden on the weekend etc, we are back to fasting to give our digestion a break and I am already thinking ahead to when it would be best to start my July Master Cleanse, I can hardly believe that it will be July so soon. However, such is life, carry on with this next part of my summer as I can see that this is having positive results for me.

Have a lovely day,


The path back down the hill 

The View from the top - you can see for miles! 

Lough Hyne 

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