Sunday 17 June 2012

And We Did It!!

Another successful 10 day Master Cleanse has been completed and you know what? The first thing that I started planning was my next one for it must not have been that bad after all. LOL

It was a strange night though perhaps because of the time of the year - I woke up around 3:30 or so and say a clear sky that never really got overly dark - so I got up deciding to watch the sunrise. By 4am, everyone else was up too and we were drinking our smoothies and talking about these past few days of our cleanse. In years to come I will remember this - the same way that I have always remembered the sun not setting but just dipping slightly below the horizon on these same few nights of the year when I lived in Labrador as a child.

Right now the sun is shining and we are all busy in the garden catching up with the weeding while getting some more seedlings planted which have been hardening off. And the MC is already fading into memory.

From where I sit right now, this was one of the most significant cleanses I have ever done and a tough one this time round too. They talk about mental toughness in sport, that this is a frame of mind you can develop which gives you an edge and can even boost your skill. I think that this is what has been improving for me as well.

To check in with how things stand after 10 days of liquids - lost 7 lbs, increased flexibility, improved attitude and it feels as if my mind has an even sharper edge. My thinking is clear, focused and the project that I am working on has really taken shape. I definitely feel as if a huge layer of toxins has been lifted once again and I am really looking forward to this weekends' Mid Summer Celebrations.

The summer Solstice is on this coming Wednesday and Thursday with a new moon, one of my favorite times of the year and I am really looking forward to the party (most of all the food!). I even have a few new recipes to try out this year, so a good few days of cooking and eating are most welcome.  

I am posting a couple of photos of this morning's early sky over Leap (in case you missed it!!)

Have a lovely day, see you tomorrow,


Early morning sky over Leap, West Cork

Early morning sun rise, Leap, West Cork

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