Tuesday 12 June 2012

It's Day Six!

We are now over half way there and I will have to say that this time around has been a lot tougher then the last Master Cleanse - however, not as difficult as some others that I have done in the past. I was thinking about it yesterday - years ago in 2001, I would find it hard to do just 3 days and be so happy with myself if I made it that far. My how times have changed!

So, for a six day mark check-in : rash on hands and foot nearly gone, very itchy at times, skin is clear and soft, feeling cleaned out inside again, good levels of energy, aches and twinges have gone, lots of flexibility, and planning to do some extra exercise today... I feel back on track.

This time around I am quite aware of even more old patterns rising up to the surface from the distant past. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time mulling over each of the ways I have been forced to conform to others rules, standards, guidelines, wishes and so forth especially in places of work. Conformity is all about losing your uniqueness, character and personality in a process of being molded into something you are not.

And I happen to think that this is a painful procedure - like the extraction of the soul piece by piece. Not a nice thought is it? As you can see, these are very deep and big issues that are coming up to the surface for me right now - and of course this is what is intended, to remove a layer of others energy in an effort to make room for my own to come back.

I did another Salt Water Flush this morning - the third one, we do these every other day during a ten day cleanse. And I am finally starting to feel squeaky clean on the inside. Its amazing all the stuff that gets loosened up and moved by this gentle process. 

I am already wondering what will surface today...hmmm


 This is my cat - after rolling in catnip in the herb garden...bliss!

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