Tuesday 26 June 2012

What I love About Eating Well...

For the most part this is an easy way to eat and live, I mean you have to go out of your way to specifically eat unhealthy. Yes, I know processed food is everywhere and it is so relatively easy to pick up rubbish at the shops. 

But, what if you were to not go to the shops all that often? What if the majority of your food came from the farmers market, your garden and the local fish monger, cheese person and butcher? There is no rubbish in either of these places. 

What has happened to us is that we are sucked into these Big Food stores and then enticed into purchasing nonsense foods that are not even part of a food group let alone contain anything nourishing for the body.

When you stay out of these places more or less (unless there is something you really need) then you can avoid all the temptation until this processed junk, rubbish and prepared foods are no longer even on the radar for you. 

Once your body gets used to eating better it will ask for and expect better. Think about it - this is your temple for life, it holds mind and soul together for as long as you are here. It's best to start taking that seriously and start eating well. 

What I love about eating well is that my body speaks to me, there is not one illness or disease that I fear and my body functions/systems work well inside and out. But I also love the fact that I am a positive example for my children - teaching them the way to look after themselves and to trust in their bodies and health. Feeding yourself well is a skill - it is not taught anywhere.

If only I had known then what I do now - it would have saved me a lot of grief, however, live and learn!

Have a great day,


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